How To Choose The Right Car Floor Mats

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If you haven’t thought about purchasing a floor mat for your car, now is the right time to do it. The amount of dirt, mud or muck you bring into your car each day can spoil the look of your car’s interior and can increase the amount of wear and tear. They don’t just extend the life of your car’s carpet but can also fight against corrosion over time. There are different types of car floor mats offered by different brands. Choosing the right car floor mats is a daunting task. This article will explain the different types of floor mats and how to choose the right one for your car.

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Types of floor mats

Carpet mats

This type of floor mats adds a opulent style to your car interior. Carpet floor mats are best suitable during the summer to help protect the car from UV damage and fading. Besides offering the luxurious look, they also offer a comfortable and soft feel providing a great underfoot sensation.

All weather or Rubber floor mats

This is the best alternative to carpet floor mats. It is also known as all weather floor mats. If you need absolute protection from rough dirt, spills and stains, then all weather floor mats are what you need. Unlike carpet floor mats, these mats are molded and usually built with ribbed surface to hold the liquid of the snow or spills, thereby protecting the car’s interior. They offer unrivaled resistance to water and mud. These mats come in different shapes, colors and patterns and can also be customized with your favorite cartoon or sports character.

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Cargo liners

Cargo liners also function in the same way as a floor mat and protect the car’s factory carpet from wear and tear and daily staining. The cargo area of the car is the one often used to load the groceries, gardening tools and sports equipment which can make it more prone to stains and dirt. Covering your cargo area with a heavy duty floor mat can prevent permanent damage to your carpet. These mats also come in different styles and materials to protect your carpet from mud, dirt and stains.

How To Choose The Right Car Floor Mats

How to choose the right floor mat?

After knowing in detail the uses of floor mats for your car, you should now know about the features that can help you choose the right floor mat. You can come across different colors, materials and patterns of floor mats. There are different factors like personality, lifestyle, right fit and right color that can help you choose the best floor mat for your car.


Your lifestyle is one of the important elements in choosing the right mat for your car. Lifestyle refers to the weather of your location, your driving habits and type of family. If you live in a sunny location, carpet floor mats are the best. If you live in a place which experiences frequent rain or heavy snow, rubber or all weather floor mats are the best.


You can also express your personality and style through your car floor mat. You can choose your favorite color or customize your floor mat with your favorite cartoon character, sports team and others. Choosing any of these can add an element of style and personality to your car interior.

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Right fit

Floor mats available in the local store are “universal fit” mats. Some companies dealing with imported floor liners for car in India offer “custom fit” and “semi custom fit” car floor mats. As these floor mats are customized, it is not readily available and it can take 1-2 weeks for its delivery.

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