How to exfoliate your skin?

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Exfoliation: A Beginner’s Guide

Dermatologists and skin experts have often said that exfoliation is an important part of the routine skincare. But, to many people, the exact concept of exfoliation still remains unclear. Therefore, this article is aimed to give you the correct concept of exfoliation and tips on how to exfoliate your skin. To begin with, how would one define exfoliation? According to the dermatologists, exfoliation is the procedure of removing the dead cells from the surface of the skin. Exfoliation rejuvenates your skin and makes it healthier ending up on giving a healthier appearance.

How to exfoliate your skin?

Why do the dead cells form?

This is the next obvious question that could hit the mind of many, why on earth would our skin produce “dead cells”? So, here is a generalized input on how our skin works. Everyday, the body produces millions of newcells on the lower level of the skin, which is commonly known as the “dermis”. These new cells slowly gets pushed up towards the upper level of the skin, which is known as “epidermis”. While the new cells get constantly pushed up, many of the older cells, “die” in this process, and finally they slough off giving way for the newer cells underneath.

Exfoliation is nothing, but the speeding up of the sloughing process. If done in the right way, it could actually result into a healthier and happier looking skin, and would also help in locking in the moisturizer.

How to exfoliate the skin?

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Wash your face with a gentle soap, a little warm water and lather and after that make gentle circular motions over your face with your finger tips.Exfoliate your facial skin once a week. And here’s a few steps to scrub the facial skin like a pro.

  • Place the index finger against your cheek on each side, the grip should be firm but gentle.
  • Let the fingers slide back to the cheek bone towards the ears. The movement should be much like the wipers gliding on the windshield.
  • The fingers are the best exfoliating tool for the skin. It is the most soothing and relaxing experience one could have.
  • Any sort of plastic scrubbers, or exfoliation beads are a strict no on the facial skin. Loofahs or any type of scrub pads are also not needed either.

Important Exfoliation Tips

  • Do not overdo: Certainly exfoliation is important, but definitely it is not to be done regularly and all the dermatologists and beauty experts would surely agree to that. Frequent exfoliation with heavy soaps is not only completely unnecessary but pretty harmful for the facial skin.
  • Be Gentle: Harsh chemicals and too much scrubbing is not at all healthy for the facial skin. While scrubbing your body twice a week is completely okay, but as your facial skin is twice more softer than the skin of the body, therefore, exfoliation of the face should be less frequent and more gentle.
  • Be choosy with the products: The face is the mirror of the body, and it should be taken proper care. Most importantly, the facial cells become more vulnerable as we age therefore, choose the exfoliation product which agrees with your skin type. Please do avoid exfoliators with plastic beads in them, neither are they skin friendly and nor are they environment friendly.
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Exfoliation is more simple and relaxing and therefore definitely claims a place in your regular skincare routine.

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