How To Get Rid of a Swollen Lip

How To Get Rid of a Swollen Lip

A – General information

Many people expect to have plump lips, especial women who care alot about appearance. However, no one wants an abnormal swelling lips as  they are right  on your face and many people will recognize it, even in your first met. Due to this, you will surely suffer from embarrassment and make you less confident.

How To Get Rid of a Swollen Lip

Swollen lips, the names as it suggests, is the condition where your mouth swelling and this is not at all a disease. There are quite some explanations for this situation and the most common one is probably the soft tissue of your lips get damaged.

Swollen lips can be affected by so multiple reasons. The most common one is probably the weather: dry and cold weather that makes your lips swelling than normal. Also, it can be caused by bacterial or viral infection. Moreover, it can be resulted from insect bites or uses of the not-proper lip care products. Lastly, swelling lips is also the consequences of lacking nutrients and fluids within the body.

Swelling lips can state the status of your lips, swelling and it is not just that. There will be more symptoms follow this namely numbness, redness and in case swelling lips are caused by weather, you my experience headache and runny nose. 

B- How to get rid of swollen lips

This situation is not dangerous for health, however, you need to get rid of it, still. It will help you to retain your confidence and save you from discomforts or hurtful feeling. These following are tried and tested remedies you should try at home. They are safe and simple to apply without causing any side effect.

  1. Honey

This ingredient has been famous for its natural healing as well as antibacterial properties. Therefore, once you apply this, it would help to reduce swollen lips almost instantly. Besides, if you have cracked lips, honey would be a good treatment as it helps to moisturize your lips. This is the reason that you notice honey ingredients of so many top-notch lip balms all over the world. The way apply honey is super simple, you just need to …apply it.

  • In a cup of raw honey, heat up for 5 secs in microwave.
  • Have a cotton ball soaked in the cup.
  • Directly apply over swollen lips.
  • Use cold water to wash your lips after 20 minutes
  • Repeat his on daily basis and you will have satisfied result.
  1. Turmeric

There are super high concentration of antiseptic and healing qualities in turmeric that can makes wonderful ingredient in curing inflamed lips. Another reason you would need to use turmeric is that it can save you from bad bacterial infections. It is a bit more complicated to use turmeric compared to use honey. You need to create a mixture before applying on your lips.

  • Get few teaspoons turmeric with water follow 3:2 ratio to have a thick paste.
  • Add one teaspoon honey and fuller’s earth to the mixture if you prefer.
  • Apply all over the swollen lips using your bare hands or a cotton pad.
  • Wash your lips using warm water after 15 minutes.
  • You can apply your favorite moisturizer after that to avoid dry lips after that.
  1. Salt

When it comes to infection diseases, Salt would be the best treatment as there are so a lot of anti-inflammatories and anti-bacterial in salt. Thanks to this, it would help to fix the swelling and pain of in your lips. The question of how to apply is simple:

  • Mix two teaspoons salt with 1 tablespoon warm water.
  • Mix them well together to have thick paste.
  • Directly apply the mixture over the swollen lips then have the mixture applied on your lips.
  • Leave it there for 15 – 20 minutes then rinsing off well,
  • You need to apply lip balm right after that or before going to sleep or it will dry out your lips.
  1. Cold compress

One of the most effective way to numb the swelling is to make use of coldness. Therefore, swollen lips can totally be fixed as well. The coldness works very well to sooth the pain and reduce swollen almost instantly so it will surely save you from the worse situation.

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How to:

  • With a clean cloth, grab some ice cubes from the fridge then directly apply over your lips.
  • Place the cloth over swollen face for ten minutes.
  • Replace with the new one when the ice get melting.
  • Wash off and apply lip balm if you prefer.
  1. Aloe Vera

Another great ingredient that can calm the swelling as well the the pain if you are having swollen lips is aloe vera. This is water-based ingredient that are super supportive to reduce burning sensation of swollen lips. It is very soothing and perfectly safe for skin, even skin of children. Therefore, you should not worry about side effects Aloe Vera might bring about.

How to:

  • Cut open aloe vera to get the gel.
  • Directly apply the gel to your lips
  • Leave it there for 15 minutes then rinsing off with water.
  • DO this every day and the swollen lips will get relieved.

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