How To Get Rid Of Fleas Outside Of Your House


If you have dealt with fleas problem, you would find it time-consuming when treating your pets and cleaning inside your house. However, your pets also spend time out in the yard, so do not forget to eliminate the fleas right outside your house by following these steps.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas Outside Of Your House
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Find the fleas’ favorite areas

Firstly, you need to find out where the fleas are hiding to get flea treatment.Fleas like warm and shady spots and tend to avoid direct sunlight. Do not forget to look for the place where your pet likes to hang out such as the garden, porch, dog house and fences.

Clean out your yard with water

Cleaning the yard with water is the easiest way to get fleas away from your house. Before doing this, you should mow the lawn and remove organic debris because the fleas prefer to live in composting areas and piles of glass cuttings or leaves. Pet toys and other objects around the yard are also perfect hiding spots for the fleas. The water will wash away all adult fleas as well as flea larvae and flea eggs because they cannot survive a flooded lawn. Make sure the entire area (trees, fences, garden furniture and doghouse) is treated.

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Spray flea insecticide around your yard

Besides clearing the yard with water, using flea insecticide is an effective and quick way to kill the fleas. You should get environmental friendly pesticide and safe for children and pets such as Talstar Pro insecticide. Before spraying, you have to follow the instructions carefully and avoid areas near lakes or ponds that can contaminate the water. Remember to keep all pets and children indoors and do not let anyone in afterwards. An important thing is to wear a proper mask and protective clothing including long shirts, pants, gloves, shoes and socks when you spray to protect yourself. Note that the insecticide can kill adult fleas but not the egg and larval stages of the fleas, so you need to repeat the whole process every two or three weeks in order to wipe out fleas completely outside of your house.

Use nematodes – a natural option

Using predators might be a wonderful way to get rid of fleas if you prefer a more natural approach. These microscopic worms will hunt down and kill flea larvae and other insects outside your house. These killers are totally non-toxic and harmless to humans, pets and plants, so you do not have to worry about any of that. All you need to do is to let microscopic worms onto places where fleas live (avoid direct sunlight as nematodes do not like sun).

Apply cedar to keep fleas away

Spreading cedar wood chips is also a natural solution to get rid of fleas because fleas hate the smell of cedar chips. Cedar essential oil extracted from cedar wood tree has powerful antiseptic, insecticidal and sedative properties which is totally safe for humans, animals and the environment.

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Allow more sunlight to enter around your house

Both adult fleas and larvae are not able to live in a sunny environment, so letting the sun shine bright is a good flea treatment. To avoid creating moist and shady conditions for them, you should trim branches and foliage away.

Get professional help from pest control experts

If you do not have much time to apply these solutions, you can pay professional pest control experts which are quick and effective. It is also a fast way to get rid of fleas outside of your house.

Find out a suitable way we suggested above and wipe out the fleas away from your house. If you find this articles useful, share with others.


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