How To Get Sticky Stains Out Of Your Kitchen

How To Get Sticky Stains Out Of Your Kitchen

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There’s nothing worse in the kitchen than encountering sticky stains you just can’t seem to remove. Sometimes, disinfectant wipes aren’t enough, and using more abrasive cleaners can corrode your kitchen surfaces and cause permanent damage. For this reason, having a few hacks in your arsenal can really make a difference to how much time you spend trying to remove sticky stains from your kitchen countertops.

We’ll discuss several methods in this article, including using a kitchen scraper, different cleaning fluids and various substances that you may not have even thought of which help to lift sticky spots effortlessly.

Kitchen Scraper

A kitchen scraper does exactly what it says on the tin. It provides more force than your nails or hands would, and is specially designed for use in the kitchen so you won’t cause any permanent damage to your kitchen countertop if used properly. All you need to do is soak the stain in warm water for a few minutes, whip out your scraper, and start scraping. You will find that the force of the kitchen scraper combined with the warm water really helps to easily lift those sticky stains and have your kitchen countertop looking good again.


Vinegar has amazing cleaning properties in the kitchen which you may not have considered. As well as being a fantastic disinfectant, and harbouring the ability to lift stains and stickiness exceedingly well, vinegar will not damage your countertops regardless of the type you have. All you need to do is mix one part vinegar to three parts water, leave the mixture sitting on the stain for several minutes, and wipe it away with a microfibre cloth. This will help to lift the stains right out of your kitchen countertop.

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Similarly to vinegar, vodka is a great cleaning tool that you may not suspect. The high alcohol levels in your vodka is great for degreasing, deoderising, and disinfecting. Leaving vodka on your sticky stains for a few minutes and using a kitchen scraper to lift it will bring the stain up effortlessly.

Baking Soda

Baking soda dissolves dirt and grease easily with the help of a little water. It breaks down the sticky stain on your countertops and makes it far easier to lift, all without damaging your worktop. Baking soda is a super substance which makes it far easier to clean sticky spots from sugar or grease.

All-Purpose Cleaner

Using a mixture of warm water and an all-purpose cleaner can help to lift the sticky spots on your kitchen countertops easily and time-efficiently. You don’t need anything particularly expensive, cheap all-purpose cleaners will do the job if you put enough pressure on the stain.

Don’t use corrosive cleaners

As stated above, the worst thing you can use to clean the sticky residue from your countertops is to use harsh and corrosive cleaners. Some cleaning methods aren’t appropriate for particular types of countertops anyway, but as a general rule, harsh chemical cleaners will cause permanent damage to your countertops. So it’s best to avoid them altogether.

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