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5 Best Biceps Exercises You Must Know

In this era people always want to grow taller as this has some really good advantages. But if you want to grow taller, then besides consuming different healthy foods you should also practice some exercises and workouts also. You can always see that the people who always do exercises are taller than the normal people and the reason behind this is very simple. Because when you will do exercises then the physical efforts will be higher and so the body will also need more nutrients and when you will eat more then it will help in your proper growth. Though swimming is the best exercises to grow taller but there are several other exercises also which can help you in this process.


If you want to grow taller then you should practice stretching regularly as this helps in the elongation of muscles. There are different types of stretching but when you start you should always start with the basic one. Here you have to sit properly with your legs outstretched and then you have to try to touch your toe with your hand without bending your leg. Here in this position you have to stay 50 to 60 seconds. At first you may not be able to do that properly but after practicing this for several days you can comfortably do this and then you should try other stretching also. If you do this in a regular manner then your bones will grow faster and thus this can help you to become taller.

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Pelvic Shift:

Though you can find this exercise very much easy but this can help you a lot to grow taller as this helps in the development of the hips and also lower spine. Here you just have to lie on your back andin this position your shoulder and arms should not move. Then you have to bend your knees so that you can move your feet close to you. Now, you just have to raise your pelvic higher and stay in this posture for 20 seconds. You have to do this exercise 5 times regular and then you will see a positive result.


This exercise is very much effective for getting taller and here you have to hang from horizontal bars by stretching your arms fully. You have to do stay in this position for 10 to 20 seconds and you should do this 5 times a day. IF you do this exercise then basically due to the gravity you will become taller and besides the increase of your height your arms and palms will be more powerful.


This is the father of all exercises if you want to become taller as this includes workouts of your whole body. If you swim regularly then obviously you will be more fit and thus your immune system will be stronger enough.

Lastly, you can also try other exercises also like inverse table, ankle weights etc. and these can also help in your proper growth.

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