How to Improve Laptop Battery Life

laptop battery saver tips

Nowadays, many present-day laptops come with enough battery power to last an entire day. But, if you are going through this, then it clearly means that your laptop’s battery does not last enough for you. 

What’s more, many laptops also don’t have removable batteries. Hence, swapping it with a charged spare one is not at all the option. It is true even if you have the best laptop in India. 

Therefore, here are our top tips that you can implement right away to enhance the life of your laptop batteries. Read on and know more!

  • Dim the screen 

One of the biggest power drainer on most of the laptops is the screen – or the backlight of the screen – if you want to be more specific. The backlight of the laptop’s screen lets you see the colours on an LCD screen. If you have an olden day laptop, then these have power-swapping fluorescent backlights. Many modern laptops have LED backlights, which is also responsible for extracting the maximum juice. Hence, dimming the brightness of the screen can add up to 30 minutes or more to your battery life. You can do that by using the keyboard shortcuts available on your laptops for students and others. You can hold the fn key and one of the function keys on the top rows. If not, you can also hold the Windows key and press X. It will open the Mobility Centre, where it is easier to change the brightness. The good thing is that it works in all versions of Windows. 

  • Change the power settings 
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When you buy the best laptop in India or laptops for students, by default, your laptop may be set to the ‘Balanced’ setting of Windows than Power Saver. You can go to the control panel of your system and search for power options. Once there, you can see which power plan is active on your computer. Windows employs different performance and power settings, which is based on if it is running on AC mains or battery power. It is easier to find a battery saver option, and you can simply select and close that window. If you are unable to figure that out, you may also click on ‘show additional plans.’ If you can’t see anything yet, you can easily personalize a power plan by clicking change plan settings next to a profile. You can set the screen to turn off after 2-5 minutes after non-activity or let the machine sleep if nothing happens after 5-10 minutes. 

  • Ensure to disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 

If you are not using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionalities on your laptop, then you should ensure to disable them. It is because they both can use a fair amount of power. If you are using a laptop on battery power, then you must disable them. Most laptops come with a key combination or switch to disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 

  • Never leave your laptop on permanent charge 

Lithium-ion batteries are smarter as they can’t be overcharged. But it’s not good for your battery’s long-term health to leave it always plugged into the mains. Some laptop companies such as Lenovo and Sony provide a feature that limits the battery from being fully charged. It assists in preventing the degradation of battery and means that can have the laptop connected to the AC power source. If you wish to use your laptop on battery power and enjoy maximum life, you can disable the limiter and let the laptop charge to 100%. 

  • Remove unwanted peripherals 
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Did you know that leaving a disc in your laptop is a sure-shot way to reduce battery life? Yes, it is because it may spin up while you launch a Windows Explorer window or access an application’s save option. You should also ensure to remove any USB accessories such as USB webcams or portable hard disks. It is because they will draw power, and it’s better to keep them disconnected if not needed. 

You can implement these discussed easy to follow tips to keep the battery of your best laptop in India save and enhance its life. 

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