How To Keep Your House Flea-Free

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Dealing with fleas is an annoying problem if you’ve got pets in your house. Getting rid of fleas is sometimes tough but it would be much easier for you when following these steps below.

How To Keep Your House Flea-Free
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Useful tips to get rid of fleas in your house

  • Wash thoroughly utensils that pets sleep on including bed linen, napkins, and even rugs in the bathroom. If there are so many pet dander, flea eggs, larvae, and feces, you had better throw it away and make a new bed.
  • Spray insect growth regulators (IGR) such as methoprene or pyriproxyfen: Spray the chemical containing IGRs to prevent larvae from developing into adult fleas. Without IGRs, the larvae will not be controlled.
  • Use vacuum cleaner: Besides washing, you still need a vacuum cleaner to remove fleas from the surfaces, corners, and cracks that you see. When doing this job, you need to feed the pets out or put them in the bathroom so that the fleas on the pet do not jump into the place where you have vacuumed. Focus on areas where sunlight is less likely to shine (fleas prefer cool and moist places), wherever there is flea dried blood and feces, upholstered furniture, crevices around foot walls and drawers (where eggs and larvae may be hiding). When the dust bag in the vacuum cleaner is full, put it in a plastic bag and throw in a dustbin, preferably a bin outside.
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Clean your yard

Before letting your pet outside, you should trim the leaves and grass so that the fleas are exposed to the sun. Look around and let all dark and damp places in the sun. Even if you let the sun go into those areas, your pet can still get the fleas from the outside. The best way to solve this problem is to use cedar wood chips or eucalyptus leaves. Fleas hate these plants which are totally natural, so you will not poison the nearby trees and other beneficial insects or risk your pet.

Bathe your pet

Remember to choose carefully the bath oil for flea treatment. All traditional insecticides (pyrethrins, permethrin, d-limonene, chlorpyrifos, or carbaryl) can be irritating or toxic to pets and humans. You can use natural insect repellants or flea solvents instead. However, you should consult a veterinarian first. When bathing for your pet, take the neck first. The flea will immediately find a dry place to hide, so you should wet the area around the tail, ear, eye socket, and neck before wetting the pet’s body. To kill the fleas, you should massage your pet for at least 5 minutes but 15 minutes is the best time. After that, dissolve warm water for the pet for a few minutes, ensuring that soap and water are soaked in places where fleas are likely to hide.

Use natural flea treatment

  • Baking soda: If the above treatments don’t work for the second time, the baking soda will be the savior of your house.
  • Use dishwashing liquid: Apply a lot of soapy water on the dog. Soak for 5-10 minutes (or more), then comb the pet. Rinse the water and let it dry. Dishwashing liquid also makes the dog’s hair soft, glossy and fragrant. Note that some dogs may be sensitive to strong soaps, so if you see signs of allergy, you need to rinse thoroughly with cool water and apply baby shower shampoo until dog skin is normal.
  • Use yeast as a weapon: fleas are thought to not like yeast although this has not been confirmed yet. Buy some alcohol yeast or nutritional yeast and rub it on the pet’s skin. You can also sprinkle small amounts on their wet food and mix well.
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Try these suggestions above to kill fleas in your house and live happily with your pet without being afraid of fleas. Hope that this blog is useful for you!


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