How To Lucid Dream In 5 Minutes?

Every one of us experiences numerous dreams every night, even though we do not remember a single one of them. Dreams are usually experienced during REM sleep periods. REM phase of sleep starts typically after 1 and a half hours, that is, 90 minutes, we sleep. Lucid dreams are exciting and interesting concepts that half of the people experience at least once in their lifetimes. However, if you are from the other half or want to experience lucid dreams more often, you might be looking for ways to make it happen quickly. You might be looking for the answer to the question: how to lucid dream in 5 minutes, but you should know that no matter how fast you lucid dream, there are some bases that you should provide first. And those bases take a lot of patience. Moreover, rushing into a lucid dream will decrease your chance to experience one! Lucid dreams take patience and requirements. Here is a technique that you could apply easily. But before that, there are some fundamental things to do. Before applying this technique, you need to be sure that you already prepared yourself for a lucid dream by:

  • Keeping a dream journal
  • Having a healthy sleep schedule
  • Applying reality testing frequently 

If you have done these, you are ready for this technique!

Prepare Your Surroundings to Lucid Dream

First things first, you need to prepare your room and bed for a lucid dream. For a lucid dream experience, you should be feeling relaxed and comfortable and not anxious. Therefore, surround yourself with things that make you comfortable and relaxed. Most importantly, try to keep your room in complete darkness when you are about to sleep. This will increase the melatonin levels in your body, which will help you to enter a REM sleep easily. This way, you will experience a lucid dream faster. 

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Set Your Alarm to Every 90 Minutes

It is a high chance that you will be very tired and do not want to get up when your alarm rings, but try to focus on your intentions. Tell yourself affirmations like “I am going to lucid dream”, “I am about to enter a lucid dream”, “I have control over my dreams”, and so on, before bed.

What Happens When You Wake Up Every 90 Minutes?

When you wake up immediately after entering REM sleep, you will remember your dreams better. And remembering your dreams helps you to experience lucid dreams. After you wake up, try to practice reality testing. Try to make yourself sure that you are awake and not still dreaming. Then, try to write down what you have experienced in your dream. Therefore, it is best to have something to record your dreams in. You could consider having a pen and paper beneath your pillow, and so on. As you write down your dreams, try to be as calm as possible.

Then, go back to sleep. Wake up when the next alarm rings. Practice it a few times and you will most likely end up in a lucid dream. But do not be unmotivated if you do not succeed at the first attempt, and keep trying and keep yourself motivated. Our motivation and senses are crucial for lucid dreaming, so negative thoughts like “I cannot experience lucid dreaming” will decrease your chances of having one.


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