How to make a Strong Fashion Statement without Looking like you’re trying too hard

The art of looking aesthetically upscale is quite an elusive thing on the grounds of it being so personal. One person’s style that defines them as an individual may not be pleasing to another person. Reaching out for the majority’s golden ticket on what you choose to wear, might result in you seeming like you’re trying too hard. When it comes to style and the beauty of effortlessness, it depends on how you choose to carry it as well as how comfortable you are while wearing it. Picking out the one with the most votes isn’t always a great idea since there’s a good chance that what you pick might contradict your true style completely. This year has all been about effortlessness and comfort. No matter what you wear whether it’s something bizarre or super laid back and simple, as long you feel comfortable wearing it, it’s perfect!.

How to make a Strong Fashion Statement without Looking like you're trying too hard

With that being said, to help all the girls out there, struggling to understand what fashion really demands, here are a few tips to help you look ravishingly graceful while you jot down a bold fashion statement in the minds of those around you;

1. Your comfort is your priority

Everyone has their own fashion style. One person’s definition of comfort might involve a t-shirt with a leather jacket while another person’s comfort may involve a pair of purple peep toe platforms. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure that you’re comfortable in it. Many times people choose dresses they think would look great on them, just for that extra edge but their body language shows how uncomfortable they are wearing them. There are many celebrities and models that have been photographed in their most casual attire and yet have managed to gain more praise for it than their red carpet appearances. The more comfortable you are, the more your body will accept what you wear and flaunt it off better.

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2. A Color Palette Choice

Some colors that you think go together in theory, might not in reality. There are many factors one has to think of when dealing with colors. What shade it is, how the contrast goes together etc. The safest way to avoid a fashion disaster is to stick to a color palette. A color palette is a very helpful guide on which colors will go together and in what shade, contrast or quantity. Usually gray scale colors are known to be the safest ones but there’s no need to limit yourself to that category in order to stay stylish. Choose a color palette and stick to it whole heartedly.

3. Heaven beneath Your Feet

Clothes have always been the center of attention for many years but in 2018 it seems like the footwear is taking the lead. From metallic sneakers to glow in the dark gladiators, there’s something for everyone. If you’re keeping your shoes the main focus of your entire look, keep the rest of the attire casual and not over powering. From sneakers to heels, try them all, the world is your oyster. There are several types of sneakers and heels.

4. Let Your Heels Do The Talking

When you’ve explored the world of footwear and famous rapper sneakers, it’s time you visit the upper floor and by that, of course, we mean heels! Finding a gorgeous pair of heels will not only give your legs a gorgeous feminine touch but also pull off your whole outfit. There are different types of heels you will find at stores. Whether you’ve worn a simple T shirt with denims and a black leather jacket, some stylish heels underneath can look absolutely stunning. Heels have a way of making the legs way more attractive and give your walk an extra oomph! They are great for women who are short and wish to be tall. Go the extra mile, try some glittery heels out.

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5. Break The Rules

There are many fashion magazines out there that will push you to get out of your comfort zone and wrap yourself around the trends of today. Though that is a sound advice, it doesn’t really work for everybody. Makeup and fashion go hand in hand especially when you’re trying to look your best. Every person has a set of colors that they can pull off gorgeously and some colors they’d rather see burning at the stake (only if it were possible). Just because a trend states that you wear a certain color (makeup or dress) that you know would not look flattering on you, don’t wear it! Fashion and style is all about wearing what you love and reflecting your true personality through what you wear. Bend the rules sometimes, be your own boss.

6. Dress To Impress Yourself

No matter what you wear, there are going to be a few nitpicky people who would still find faults with it, so why not wear what you really want? Staying true to yourself is the key to finding the right style and outfit. If something in the mirror looks ravishing enough to blow your own socks off, go with it! Confidence is the one accessory you can’t put a price tag on and when you wear your style confidently, everyone would want to as well. So the key to choosing what you should wear is to impress yourself first before others.

7. Confused? Go with the classics

People love the past more than the future and the present. The familiar style of the 60’s, and gleaming pearls of the 40’s still take the breath away from many. There’s a reason why people still want to dress up like Monroe or show up at a red carpet event wearing something James Dean would have worn. Whatever clothes people wore back then had its own class. People looked very elegant compared to people these days. Bring the vintage jackets, shoes and styles back. Whether it’s your jewelry or the whole dress from an old period, it will definitely add the touch of grace and elegance into your look.

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8. Be Vocal Without Uttering A Word

The internet is a global network now and word spreads around faster than you think. Issues from within the country and from around the world are available at your fingertips at all hours of the day. People show their support or disgust with tweets and posts but how do you incorporate the supporting of a great cause into your fashion sense? How do you let your clothes do the talking for you? It’s pretty simple. Some celebrities are pretty vocal about their opinions. There are bundle of shirts and dresses with witty quotes and one liners that would make anyone’s head spin. What better way to make a bold fashion statement than have a statement printed in bold on fashion itself?

Making a fashion statement is all about believing in yourself and being comfortable with who you are so you can bring it out for the world to see and admire. Many people tend to judge others on the way they dress, but if you are comfortable and feel fabulous in it, then nothing else matters.

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