How to Optimize Product Images for SEO – 5 Things You Must Remember

How to Optimize Product Images for SEO

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Image optimization is an online art you might want to master if you are an e-commerce store owner. Image optimizations perform a critical task by generating web traffic from Google searches and decreasing search load time.

By optimizing your e-commerce product images, your website can attract interested shoppers very quickly. However, you will have to employ several strategies to increase traction while optimizing product images for SEO.

Let’s take a look at them below.

5 things to keep in mind while optimizing product images for SEO

Here are five crucial product image optimization tips for SEO that you should keep in mind.

1. Name your product images in simple language and keep them descriptive.

Besides using appropriate keywords, coming up with detailed, keyword-rich product image names is crucial for SEO image optimization. Such keywords in product images improve your website’s rank in search engine results. Several search engines showcase your product image names on search result pages.

You can also get help from website analytics to see the keywords most used by your customers.  Using keywords with relevant products in your store can ensure a good ranking in search results. Naming your product images for SEO improves page SEO. It enhances your e-commerce website’s ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

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2. Use alt-attributes for better SEO optimization.

Also known as alternative text, alt attributes have their own role if the website cannot render the image totally. However, even if the image loads up, you can still check the alt attribute if you hover over the image area. Consider adding relevant keywords to your alt attribute text, as it will assist your webpage in ranking better.

This strategy is very efficient in showcasing your products in Google searches as it adds SEO value. However, make sure not to overdo using alt attributes, as the search engines can also penalize your website for over-optimizing.

3. Choose the correct product image dimensions and image angles.

It has become commonplace to post multiple pictures of your product from various angles. For example, if you’re a t-shirt store owner, you can show shots of your t-shirt from numerous angles to give an overview to the customers.

Choosing smaller images can help your e-commerce website load search results faster. While larger product images generally take a longer amount of time to render in search results.

4. Choose the correct file type.

In the e-commerce world, three types of photo files are efficient in optimizing product images. They are PNG, JPEG, and GIF.

JPEGs are the most commonly used product image type as they can compress an image file size enormously. GIFs are lower in quality and, hence, used as icons and decorative images. PNGs have become the modern alternative to GIFs as this image type supports more colors than GIFs. Nor do PNGs degrade over time.

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5. Use an image sitemap.

Like a normal sitemap, a product image sitemap provides the necessary information to the search engine while optimizing your e-commerce product pictures. The function of an image sitemap is to enable search engines to find product pictures that are easily overlooked.

For example, suppose your website uses JavaScript or other pop-ups. In that case, a proper image sitemap can add to the user experience and help your e-commerce store rank higher in search engine results. Don’t forget to add relevant tags to your product images, as this can provide valuable information to the customers.


The e-commerce market is facing a rise in competition with the entire world’s boom in internet usage. Keeping the user experience and feel of your ecommerce site can keep you on top of things.

Utilize our tips for optimizing product images to get a better ranking in search engine results and, in turn, increase the rate of conversions.

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