How to Overcome Dengue?

How to Overcome Dengue

The regular flu might be because of a simple bacterial or viral infection among the other possible causes. When it comes to dengue, it is the most dangerous form that takes the lives of many people. The World Health Organization says “Dengue is the viral infection that is transmitted by the bite of an infected female Aedes Mosquito”.

How to Overcome Dengue

Kinds of dengue virus:

There are four distinct kinds of dengue virus, and they are DEN1 to DEN4 and the other two in between. The issue with this flu is that the symptoms start showing up only after 3-14 days of the onset of the infection. This fever can affect individuals of any age group. A more severe form of this illness affects children under ten years of age, and it causes issues like bleeding and abdominal pain, and it affects the circulatory system to a great extent.

How to overcome dengue?

When it comes to dengue, the famous adage “prevention is better than cure” suits well. If you look for ways to overcome this issue, here are some home remedies that will help both with prevention and treatment:

Black pepper and tulsi leaves:

The idea to prevent and even treat dengue is to boost the immune system. Ayurvedic experts suggest that to build the immune system, individuals can consume the tea made with Tulsi leaves and black pepper boiling. In addition to boosting immunity, its antibacterial effect will also help.

Consider turmeric:

Turmeric is a natural remedy that can boost metabolism. It will quicken the healing process. You can add a teaspoon of turmeric powder to a glass of hot milk and can consume it for relief.

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How about Goldenseal?

Goldenseal is a herb that herbalists use for making medicine. In fact, the dried root of this herbal plant is used for this purpose. It can efficiently clear the symptoms of dengue at a quicker pace, and it can eliminate the virus from the body. It works well with papaya leaves.

Fenugreek leaves:

Fenugreek leaves are known for the effectiveness in reducing fever, and it also has sedative properties. It will ease pain and will promote restful sleep for patients. You can also use methi powder and can mix it with water and consume it. Otherwise, you can also take the decoction of boiled methi leaves.

Papaya leaves:

Papaya leaves can increase the platelet count, and it can also bring down the symptoms of fever like nausea, getting tired quickly, feeling low, chills and body ache. You can just crush the papaya leaves and can consume or drink the juice that will help with flushing out the toxins from the body.


In Ayurveda, giloy is an important herb. It will help with maintaining the rate of metabolism. It will also strengthen the immunity and will safeguard your body against infections. You can boil the stems of the herbal plant and can drink the herbal drink. Even, you can add tulsi leaves to this herbal tea to help with prevention and also to reduce the symptoms of dengue.

Five things to do:

To safeguard yourself from dengue, apart from taking the above-mentioned herbal remedies, you can also do the following:

  1. Wear protective clothing
  2. Use a mosquito repellent
  3. Keep your house free of mosquito
  4. Remove stagnant water in and around your house
  5. Keep your trash cans covered
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Some areas with stagnant water are the home for mosquitoes to breed. So, you should keep your house free of any dumps that will provide room for mosquitos to breed. Boosting the immunity is the key to helping you to stay healthy against any infection.

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