How to prepare an artwork for embroidery digitizing?

In order to be an excellent embroidery digitizing servers provider, a digitizer must have good sense and knowledge of how the designs are going to look once they are completed. That way the digitizer would know if the design needs to be simplified or not. As many designs that are made in vector images cannot be used for designing in the machine directly. To bring effective results at the end, vector image of the design should be good, if not done properly without possessing necessary skills, it might give bizarre results.

Here are the things that might be helpful for you while designing an artwork. These are: –

Adobe Illustrator software can be used to create vector images as it is graphic design software that provides tools to create such images. Unlike traditional raster graphics that are downloaded from the Internet, vector images use geometric shapes and lines based on mathematical expressions. Vector graphics provides a sharp, clear image that does not distort when you re-size or adjust it. These images are excellent for printing and other applications, such as digital embroidery patterns also.

To create a pattern for a vector image, computerized embroidery machines are required and if you have a non-vector image that you want to turn into embroidery, you must first convert it into a vector image. So to do this, import the graphic into an Illustrator, then create a new floating layer above the original image and then redraw the graphic to create a new vector version. Once you have a vector version of the image, you can use an embroidery plug in to change the image into an embroidery pattern that an embroidery machine can use.

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The path is in which the stitches are made by following a specific path to make a design on the fabric and it has a great impact on the design of your fabric as if the path is followed with the right instructions then your design will look good otherwise your design will be ruined. It is always better not to leave the gaps and empty spaces in the stitches as it will decrease the beauty of the design and you don’t want that.

So therefore,

  • It is important to get the services of the embroidery digitizer, so that you get to know if your designs need to be simplified or not.
  • Digitizing is necessary, as the designs made in vector images cannot be used for designing in the machine directly.
  • The images are opened in the machine where these are converted into a template for creating the file into stitch file and this is done by the digitizer because he knows better what path to be used for modifying.

So, before any design can be embroidered, it must be digitized. It is a complex process so should be properly examined for details and exact specifications. Starting with the highest quality artwork would help. Hand drawn designs or fuzzy pictures often lead to problems during the digitizing process so use in the design to best produce the artwork and match your specifications for the file.

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