How To Prevent Cancer?

How To Prevent Cancer?

An attractive quote reads “There is a ‘Can’ in Cancer because we can beat it”. Yes, you can take your initiative against cancer, if you wish to prevent this disease. Nowadays, we hear many people talking about cancer. Yes, there is an increase in this deadly condition these days.

How To Prevent Cancer?

What have you heard so far?

You might have heard conflicting reports about ways to prevent cancer. Yes, in some instances, the tips useful for preventing one type of cancer can be against another kind. In most cases, what people know about the prevention of this deadly disease is evolving. Nevertheless, the well-accepted report is that the chances of developing cancer grow with the lifestyle choices that you make.

So, you should feel relieved that making some healthy lifestyle changes will truly help you to prevent this deadly disease. Here are some tips to prevent cancer to help you stay protected:

Keep away from tobacco:

When you use any form of tobacco, you are putting yourself on a collision course with cancer. When you smoke, you will increase the chances of kidney, cervix, bladder, pancreas, larynx, throat, and mouth and lung cancer. When you chew tobacco, you are at the risk of developing cancer in the pancreas and oral cavity. You might not use tobacco, but if any of your family members use and you get second-hand exposure, you are at the risk of developing lung cancer.

Include a healthy diet:

It is true that making healthy food choices at the grocery store and mealtime cannot guarantee cancer prevention. But, it might help to reduce the risk. Here are some guidelines when it comes to healthy diet:

  • Consume more of fruits and vegetables
  • Prevent obesity by taking the right diet and regular exercises
  • If you drink alcohol, do it in moderation
  • Restrict the consumption of processed meat
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In the case of women, taking extra-virgin olive oil and nuts will reduce the risk of breast cancer. It applies to women taking the Mediterranean foods.

Ensure a healthy weight and stay active physically:

Keeping a healthy weight will help with lowering the risk of a different type of cancers inclusive of kidney, colon, lung, prostate, and breast cancer. Even, physical activities count. Apart from keeping your weight in check, they will help with lowering the colon and breast cancer.

Adults, who engage in the regular physical activities, are known to gain many health benefits. It is better to get at least 150 minutes a week for a moderate aerobic exercise. Otherwise, you can opt for 75 minutes a week of vigorous aerobic physical workout. You can also do a combination of robust and moderate activity. As a general goal, it is better to include at least 30-minutes of physical activities on a daily basis. It would be better even if you do more.

Safeguard yourself from the sun:

Skin cancer is one of the most common kinds of cancers, and it is also the most preventable ones as well. To safeguard yourself from this cancer, you should do the following things:

  • Avoid exposure to mid-day Sun
  • Stay in the shade during middle of the days
  • Cover the areas of your body during these hours of the day
  • Be generous on sunscreen
  • Keep away from tanning beds and sunlamps

Get immunised:

Prevention of cancer includes protection from some viral infections. Just talk to your doctor about immunisation against Hepatitis B and HPV viruses.

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Avoid risky behaviour:

Another efficient way to prevent cancer is to keep yourself away from some dangerous actions that can lead to infections, which in turn, will increase the risk of cancer. For instance, you should practice safe sex and remember not to share needles.

Take cancer prevention to your hands and do not let it go by its way. You are sure to get the rewards for the lifetime.

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