How to Protect Memory and Cognition

If you are reading about cognition here, that means something is definitely intriguing you about this subject matter. Let us explain to you through visualization that how cognition plays an important role in shaping our thoughts, actions, and values.

Can you imagine if all your thoughts came in front of you in the form of solid, real objects which are moving one after the other rapidly here and there? The scenario will be so wild, like a jungle safari!

How to Protect Memory and Cognition

Well, it is the only a very tiny proportion of what we imagine. The reality can be much more complicated. Our thoughts are random and extremely rapid that if we see them in physical form, we all probably will be trapped in a vicious circle of thoughts all the time. There are numerous cognitive functions that keep going on through our minds all the time which we are not even aware of! These functions are integral in boosting our memory power and protecting it from the abstract and redundant information that is processed through our mind.

Cognition plays an important role in forming our thinking processes. The seamless perception that we form about each and everything that we see through our eyes or feel through any of sensory organs leads to the development of various skills which come under the cognitive skills and abilities. These are- problem solving, memory, language, judgment and knowledge acquisition etc.

The MindValley academy guides its students about the importance of cognitive skills and their role in protecting our memory.

Memory loss is quite a common symptom at old age. However, these days due to stress and an extremely busy lifestyle, memory loss has become a common factor among young adults too.

By acquiring suitable cognitive abilities one can prevent memory loss and boost the power of the brain to be able to retain the facts and the data for longer periods of time. It is suggested in the blog of Mindvalley academy too that all the cognitive functions play a significant role in the cognition to take place. If one of them goes weaker then the whole system gets affected that has a direct impact on the memory power of the brain.

So here are enlisted fewer skills that will help you in keeping the cognition in place and protecting memory:


  • Sustained: With this skill, you stay focused for a given period of time.
  • Selective: with this skill, you can get focused on a given particular task easily without any distractions
  • Divided: with this skill, you can do multitasking by focusing on more than one thing at the same time


  • Visual: with this skill, you can think and interpret the visual images
  • Auditory: with this skill, you can process, analyze, blend and segregate the sounds that you hear around
  • Processing: with this skill, you can access the information to carry on the tasks with greater speed and perfection


  • Long-term memory: the information gets stored for a longer time and you can recall it at a later period as well
  • Short-term memory: the information gets stored for a shorter duration which cannot be fully recalled after 2-3 minutes period itself.

These above mentioned are our special skills that boost the cognitive functions and processes. If we work upon them keeping in mind their effects, we can contribute towards protecting our memory.

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