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Amritsar is the most important city in Punjab and is known for its cultural, commercial, ethical and educational centre. Amritsar is a city in the north-western parts of Punjab, which is 30 kilometres from the border with the neighbouring country Pakistan. At the centre of the city is the Golden Temple that is the holiest gurudwara of the Sikh religion. There is the sacred Amritsar Sarovar tank (lake), where pilgrims take bath.  Amritsar is the spiritual centre for the Sikhs. Amritsar is not only the homes of hundreds or thousands of Sikhs but also it is the place of pilgrimage for Sikhs. The main focus for those pilgrims is the Golden Temple and its several buildings located around the Sarovar tank.  Amritsar comprises of chemical and textile industries and also involved in food milling and processing, beverages processing, silk processing, canning, tanning, and the manufacture of several types of machinery. Apart from industries Amritsar is one of the most important tourist hub in india.

the golden temple amritsar.jpg
The Golden Temple Amritsar

Destination: Amritsar

Amritsar can be reached from different places by different means of transport i.e. by road, by airways with different modes of transport. You can reach the same destination in several ways or by different routes taking the help of global projecting system. Once you set the GPS to reach the destination you are free from all worries and just follow the routes shown on your GPS system. You can reach the destination by means of public transport such as roadways to Amritsar, by train or by airways or by using private transport i.e. at your own convenience. Amritsar is well known for its delicious foods having a wide range of varieties depending on the amount you can spend. It has got a huge collection of money because of the golden temple as it is a sacred place to visit and everyone visits it and have langar in the golden temple as a Prasad.

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Connectivity to Amritsar

Amritsar is connected to several major cities of the country. Shri guru ram das ji international is the busy one with hundreds of international and domestic flights connecting it with various parts of the country and abroad. Situated on the Sher Shah Suri grand trunk road it has its highly rich connectivity by roadways. The grand trunk road connects to Lahore in Pakistan to India. The samjhota express from Amritsar railway station takes you to Wagah border. Amritsar is famous for its Dhaba’s and dine restaurants throwing light on various kinds of food items such as parathas,lassi, sag and various other delicious items. It is too famous for its shopping market where we find huge variety of Jutta’s and kurta and pajama. As the temperature remains favourable i.e. the climatic condition of Punjab is favorable so one feels very comfortable in traveling in Amritsar. So these all the factors combining together brings up the tour and travel of the city which has provided employment opportunities to various people in need and is a way to earn their livelihood and get their daily needs fulfilled i.e. fulfilling the basic amenities of the people as we found these days that the demands are increasing at a very fast rate but the earnings of the people are decreasing slowly and slowly and because of which they are deprived of food and shelter. But these tourism places adds earning to the people and get their hunger removed. There is another way to remove the poverty as handmade goods are very easily available in the market which is in very much demand nowadays.

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Place of Attraction

The main attraction in Amritsar is the Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, and the Wagah border. The ceremony at Wagah border starts at 4:30 pm in winters and 5:30 pm in summers which gathers a huge attraction. In order to see the ceremony at Wagah border try to reach before the ceremony starts in order to catch the good viewing position. Since the ceremony is only of about 30 -40 minutes. At Wagah border, there is nothing much to eat in the way as there are no doubts to nearby places.

Jallianwala Bagh
Jallianwala Bagh

Eating Point

In Amritsar, there are a number of dhabas and restaurant where one can enjoy the delicious food. On the heritage street you can also go for the walk in the evening time because in evening there is fully decoration of the Heritage street which throws a splendid view and everyone enjoys it moreover you can get the food here too in the Heritage street and have fun all around them and celebrate with great pomp and show in an enthusiastic way.


In order to travel within Amritsar, you can take rickshaws,scooty, bicycles, auto rickshaws, carts, taxis or buses. This includes both public buses and buses operated by private companies. Here Railway Station is connected to all cities in India. We can reach from Delhi by train in 7 hours. Driving to Amritsar is a very easy way of travelling and we can find several options such as dhabas or small restaurants for having food in the way. Guru ram das jee International Airport is located about 14 kilometers away from the city, is well connected to other cities in the country and also to a number of international cities. There are various flights within the country and outside the country such as  Delhi, Chandigarh, Ambala, Dubai, London. A person can visit the historical places in Amritsar within a day and try to visit the golden temple at night time to see the light works done there.

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When you are going to north India, Amritsar is a city you should never miss it. It’s very easy to travel Amritsar from Delhi by road and by railway. It is very easy to navigate through the city.There are several other places to visit in Amritsar such as temples, colleges, schools, Maharaja Ranjit Singh statue and various other places to visit. One can visit Amritsar very easily even if he has got very less time to travel as all the significant places can be travelled within a day but to enjoy more and have fun all around plan a holiday of 2 to 3 days so that you can visit more places then these 3 places as there are several other historical monuments around that. One can go with whole family members to enjoy the tour of Amritsar and also for the golden temple visit.

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