How To Restore VHD File Backup – With Hyper-V VHD Recovery Software

Hyper-V VHD Recovery Software

Are you a Virtual machine User? Or you have created VHD file for backup purpose. In case if this Virtual hard disk file is corrupted and you won’t be able to access the data of inside the VHD file then this article is for you. With the help of this article, we will describe a Virtual hard disk file, how to create, attach, VHD file. If the user’s Virtual hard drive file is corrupted we will learn how to restore VHD file backup with Hyper-V VHD recovery software.

Hyper-V VHD Recovery Software

What is VHD File Format?

VHD stands for Virtual hard drive files. In VHD file the user can store the Virtual machine data easily. It also allows taking the backup of the data. The user can easily save the backup of the data in the Virtual hard drive files. Virtual hard drive files have been used by the IT professional in Virtual machine and server applications. The user can use the Virtual hard drive files as a free, easy to use backup format. We know that Virtual hard drive sits on the hard drive like any other computer. So there must be enough space to accommodate the VHD files. The user can use the VHD file for backup purpose and If the user has taken the backup of the data in the VHD file then it is advised to move the Virtual hard disk file to some other media like external hard drive files. In case if the corruption occurs in the VHD file because of virus attack, storage media failure, software or hardware related issues the users want to know how to restore VHD file backup. Lets us understand how to use Virtual hard disk file.

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How To Create a VHD File

Here are the mentioned steps below to create a VHD file

  • Press Windows + S and type “diskmgmt.msc” to access disk management features.
  • Now open the Action menu and choose the Create VHD option.
  • Dialog box name the VHD file will appear, choose its location, define its size, and choose the format.
  • Choose the option from the fixed size and dynamically expanding VHD.

Note:Fixed type VHD is slightly faster and more robust in power off situations. And the user can choose the dynamically expanding disks if the user needs to save space. It is recommended for storage and backup purpose choose dynamically expanding VHD files.

How to Attach a VHD

To attach or mount VHD an existing VHD file then the user has to open the device manager first.

  • Press Windows + R to open Run.
  • Type “ diskmgmt.msc”.
  • Click on Action and choose to attach VHD option. Browse the VHD file and attached it.

Note: In case if the user has created the backup of important files and folders of the Virtual hard disk file if it is corrupted then the user can restore VHD file backup with the help of VHD data recovery software.

Expert Solution of How To Restore VHD File Backup Problem

If the VHD files contain users most important data then with the help of VHD data recovery software the user can restore all the important items present in the VHD file such as documents, database files, images, videos in just a simple click. This software can easily restore the Corrupted/ damaged/ accidentally deleted data from the Virtual hard disk files. This software is equipped with the highly powerful advance set of algorithms to solve the corruption issues of VHD files. For more info, the user can download the demo version of this Hyper-V VHD Recovery Software.

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Follow the Mentioned Steps Restore VHD File backup

  1. Download and install the software
  2. Browse and Select the VHD file.
  3. Select the partition and click on Scan partition button.
  4. Choose the Recovery Mode.
  5. Preview the data stored in the Virtual hard drive file.


From the above write up we have explained the problem how to restore VHD file backup issue. We have also discussed VHD file, how to create a VHD file, and if in case data stored in VHD files for a backup purpose corrupted then the user can easily recover with the help of Hyper-V VHD Data Recovery software.

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