How to save money on an iPhone

How to save money on an iPhone

Buying an iPhone is not easy, the prices are too high, and the prices do not even drop easily.If you make a smart choice that you make before buying an iPhone saves you a few bucks!

Almost everybody these days has the fetish to own the latest trending phones. Nobody is unaware of the fact that nearly all the phones these days provide the best of the facilities, from the high-end camera, superb sound quality, user-friendly software, huge storage memory and what not. But,still, we crave for getting the best version of anything and everything that we wish to buy. Right? Among phones, Apple is the brand that is the pioneer. It is a fad among the kids, and the adults to own this insanely expensive phone. But who wouldn’t want to hold such a high-quality phone with the un-parallel quality features that it flaunts?

Choose a smaller phone

Phones which are visibly larger in size are way more expensive.Every big size of the phone means the beefed up price. This is the fact that the phones that are larger in size flaunt way more features than their smaller counterparts.

Buy an older model

Apple has been providing the best of the features and the highest quality services since forever. iPhone has always managed to stay ahead of its time. So, even if you plan to buy a modal which is not the latest launch in the market then it is ok as it buying any older iPhone is still a good choice.

Wait for the promotion


People prefer buying phones during the holiday season as that is the time when all the brands offer great discounts on various things and you can buy all the things that you have wished for at drastically lesser rates. Not only the festival season bring a lot of joy and bliss but also gives everybody a chance to take an escapade from the monotonous life. Now, with so much competition in the market some of the best deals are offered during the holiday season. Discount can be experienced on the occasions like black Friday, Independence Day, Easter, Christmas, New Years,etc. And, e-commerce websites too give huge discounts on all the gadgets during these special occasions.

Choose a unique payment plan that suits your pocket

If you don’t have the instant cash to pay for the expensive set, then there are several options for you in the market that you go for. You get opt for a loan,and all you need is to pay just a little cash as the first payment and then after that you can give installments. Sometimes the phones can be purchased at 0% Interest rate and then the rest amount you can pay slowly after. Don’t cough up the entire cost in the first time as that would totally unbalance your bank balance.

Buy a used iPhone or a refurbished iPhone

To go for this option first you need to understand what refurbished means actually. It is when a person sells phone to the seller immediately after buying it or within a very short period after purchasing it. When a buyer buys an old phone then he checks if all the parts are working properly, and if there are any fake parts then they are replaced,and all the shortcomings are worked upon and only then made available in the market. Buying a used iPhone or a refurbished iPhone is a great option as,unlike other second-hand phones which are resold are not in good condition. Second-hand phones are just bought and altered a bit aesthetically and then sold. Whereas refurbished gadgets are in a very good working condition. You can get a refurbished iPhone at a very reasonable price in the market or even any e-commerce website online.

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Sell your old phone for a new one

What about selling your old phone for a new one? Like this, you will not have to give all the cash that you have as your phone will compensate for the cash that you had to give and the remaining cash you can give from your own pocket.

So, if you are eyeing that latest iPhone model, then you can buy it and that too without burning a hole in your pocket. The market is filled with all the latest iPhone models and you can choose from various options. So , which one are you planning to buy? Refurbished iphone 6s, refurbished iphone 7, Refurbished iphone 7 plus or refurbished iphone 8.

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