How to Study Physics Effectively

How to Study Physics Effectively

Physics is a subject that often gives students’ headaches as it includes tough mathematical problems and equations. Physics combines both math and science to explain how the world works. When it comes to examinations, students get nervous due to many pages of formulas and equations. In this article we will be discussing about how we can study physics effectively.

How to Study Physics Effectively

Understand the basic concepts

In physics there are many equations, formulas and universal constants, like the accelerating force of gravity on earth, Planck’s constant and lot more. One must understand these equations and formulas and should try to remember these constants.

Learn and understand the derivations of basic equations

Remembering an equation is one thing, understanding the equations is another one and understanding why these equations work is entirely another thing. Take time and understand how to derive these equations, this will give you a clear understanding of the equation and you will be a versatile equation solver.


You cannot remember anything in a one go, you have to read it again and again until it is second nature to you. You should be able to answer any question at any time.

Make Study Notes

Whenever you are studying a unit make sure you are writing and reading simultaneously, write down important formulas and topics so that whenever you need to study that specific unit, you can go through your study notes. It will save lots of time during your exam preparation when you have to cover 10 chapters in a day.

Study Materials

There are plenty of study materials available in the market, but choosing a right one is not an easy task. Ask your seniors and teaches for the best study materials to study. Take help of the internet whenever you need, you will get plenty of study materials on the internet and start studying from the one which has good feedbacks and comments. Topics like quantum mechanics, optics are very difficult to understand. One can take help of the educational videos to learn these topics in a very detailed way.

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