How to Write an Introduction of an Essay?

How to Write an Introduction of an Essay?

Writing an essay is a difficult task; however, it is not an impossible task. The first part of essay writing is introduction. Introduction is not a very lengthy part, but often students get confused while they write an introduction. There are also students who find it hard to write even a single word on paper. In other words, students are clueless to begin an introduction. This article will tell students how they should write an introduction for their essays. An introduction is comprised of three parts including an attention grabber, background information, and thesis statement. Here is how students should write these three parts for an essay:

How to Write an Introduction of an Essay?

Attention Grabber: An attention grabber for an essay can be a story or joke or surprising news or a quote or a question. For instance, if you are writing an article about the shape of earth, then you may use the surprising fact: “Earth has never been perfectly round.”

This is one attention grabber. Students can also begin their essay with a joke related to their essay topic to hook readers. A quote or question can also help writers create curiosity for the readers. Furthermore, students can begin their essays with a short story related to their essay topic.

Background Information: Background information is also a crucial part of essay writing, and it should be related to the topic on your hand. For instance, background information for the topic, “Parents should select children’ friends.” is as follow: Children do not possess experience like their parents, so they need parental guidance. Therefore, parents should serve as friends of their children to help them get good friends.

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Thesis Statement: The last part of an introduction is a thesis statement, and students need to come up with a strong thesis statement for their essays. For instance, thesis statement for the topic, “crime rate has decreased due to advanced technology” can be as follows: Advance technology is reducing the crime rate; I very much agree with this statement.

This is how essay introduction should be written. Hopefully, now you do not need to ask others: Please, Write My Dissertation or do my essay fast. So, now you have the knowledge how to write an introduction of an essay. Usually, 20% of an essay is comprised of introduction. First of all, you need to come up with an attention grabber in an essay, and then you should come up with background information, and thesis statement of an essay. In other words, you should follow the preceding 3 parts to compose an essay introduction successfully.

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