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We need various documents and papers in our routine life to perform different tasks. Passport-sized photos, ID cards, and residential address papers are basic documents we all need if we want to apply for various things. You can anytime get a copy of these ID cards and other useful papers with the help of a smart document scanner app.

Moreover, Identity cards are very important for multiple purposes. These cards are our national identifications and it is compulsory to carry them. However, you can keep copies of these cards instead of having the originals all the time.

This article guides you on how you can get copies of such important documents with a PDF scanner app and what are other functionalities of these apps.

     How Can You Get A Copy Of ID Cards With The FlashScan App?

An ID card is much-needed to prove a person’s Identity. It is also known as a citizen card and people need to carry it for various purposes. Before knowing how to get a copy of these cards let’s quickly understand the advantages of getting its copies.

What Are The Advantages Of Getting Copies Of ID Cards?

There are many usages of ID cards. But it is always better to carry a copy of ID cards rather than having the original one. Here are the ways ID cards’ copies can serve us.

Copies of ID Cards Are Source Of Identification

  • The most popular application of an ID card and its copies are to confirm that the person carrying it is certainly who he claims to be.
  • These cards recognize the issuing body and include a picture of the owner, so anyone can visually match the face.

ID Card’s Copies Help In Banking 

  • Id cards and its copies are very useful in banking and financial institutions. Whether you want to open an account or you want to update details in banks, you need to show a copy of the ID card.

ID Cards and It’s Copies Help Building Trust

  • When you want to apply for any job some companies ask for details of ID cards.
  • A few reputed firms need to check the copies of your ID cards to build trust before giving you any jobs.
  • The application forms of Government employment exams also ask for ID card details.

Apart from that, there are many miscellaneous uses of Id Cards and its copies. Driving license and other important documents are at high risk when you keep the originals with you all the time. It can get lost easily. That’s why people carry copies of these documents. And FlashScan is one of the best images to PDF converter apps to get copies of important documents.

How To Use FlashScan To Get Copies Of ID Cards?

FlashScan is a brilliant scan to PDF app that offers varied functions to ease out your scanning process. Here is how you can scan ID Cards with FlashScan app.

  1. The very first step to scan any IDs with this app is to Download the FlashScan app.
  2. Once you install it on your Android device you can open the home screen and find two options.
  3. Users can import an image from his device’s gallery or can take a photo with the device’s camera.
  4. Once you get the ID card at home screen press scan and get a clean scanned copy in a flash.
  5. You can anytime get a PDF file format with this scan to PDF app. You can save, share, rename and delete your scanned results as per your necessity.
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Why FlashScan Is The Best Image To PDF Converter App?

FlashScan is a multifunctional app with a user-friendly interface. Here are its remarkable features.

  • Users can scan any types of documents with this app. It digitizes all your documents in no time.
  • FlashScan offers an intuitive OCR that helps in extracting text from any image. You can anytime translate the recognized text from English to other languages.
  • It is an accurate QR code and Barcode scanner app.
  • You can mark any documents as your favorite to get easy access.
  • It offers brilliant post-scan filters.


We already saw how important it is to get copies of ID cards and driving licenses. It is not rocket science to generate its digitized version. 

Anyone can easily do it with a brilliant scan to PDF app like FlashScan. Need clear, crisp scans in a flash? Download FlashScan and get your ID cards scanned for free!

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