Impact of Interior Design on Showrooms

In this digital era, the amount of effort required to incentivize a customer to lift their lazy selves off the couch is unfathomable. Imagine visiting a fashion store and walking from the entrance through the racks of clothes, selecting your favorite shirt, walking to the checkout and leaving the store happy. This approach is simple, but e-commerce is simpler. To compete with the digital world, retail outlets need to ensure that their store provides an experience which uses all the 5 senses of humans and differentiate themselves against the digital world.

Impact of Interior Design on Showrooms

Experienced Showroom interior designers in Kolkata always suggest straight line architecture to guide the vision to the product instead of any distraction, methodical placement of hues to use color-blocking, sweet and rustic smell around the store to release oxytocin in the customers; the methods are limitless. All these techniques help the store owner to amalgamate the interiors and aesthetics of the store with consumer behavior and psychology, which in turn leads to high boost in sales.

Insights into the world unknown of interior designing:

Seek attention but not at the expense of respect:

The first thing to do is to garner the attention of the customers and entice them to enter the store. It is important to stand out from the crowd to attract the eyeballs but resorting to tricks and ploys would hamper the respect in the eyes of the customer. One of the top most showroom interior designers told us how lights play a very vital role in the setting.


  • Use focus and spot lighting to block out any distraction. P.S.: A lighting designer or a retail interior designer in Kolkata goes a long way in improving product display.
  • Attractive and abstract signage to hit the eye.
  • Quirky fittings and fixtures to stand out from monotony.


Using the 6th sense of smart interior designing to stimulate the 5 other senses:

To ensure that the customers have a mesmerizing experience, it is imperative that the customer enjoys the entire experience of visiting the store and it is deeply ingrained in its brain. The best interior designers make it a point to design the layout in a comprehensive manner. The planning of the layout is the most crucial stage in this process.


  • Fragrance in the ventilation system to soothe the olfactory membranes.
  • Playing with multiple and contrasting textures to accentuate the feel of the product. Eg.: A fur coat hanging on a wooden rack makes more sense than a cold, steel rack.
  • Serving palette cleansing dishes to ensure a feel good factor.


Seamless flow of customer from curiosity to purchase

 Overcrowding or too much display of merchandise can be a problem. In order to ensure that the customer has a fuzzy feeling the entire time in the store, spot points and focal points needs to be created. Focusing on certain sections makes the merchandise pop, which takes away the useless surrounding information.

The best shop interior designers in Kolkata have immense experience in retail designing. My experience at BlueMasons, an interior designer in Kolkata, helped me work with some of them.


  • The empty spaces like the ceilings and the walls could be utilized with paintings or vectors to give a feel-good mood to the setting.
  • Checkout counter to be close to the warehouse to enhance the fear of missing out.

Many of our professionals are thebest retail interior designers in Kolkata who have the knowledge of creating good social spaces for you to cherish.

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