The Importance of Installing and Automatic Door in Our Garage

Entrance Automation Installer.

From comfort to necessity there is a fundamental difference: security. Over the years, the use of garages has increased considerably, going from being a mere caprice to being something useful and safe for the entry and exit of vehicles. Over the years, these types of doors have become more secure systems than manual ones, both to protect our car and people, even in our single-family homes or farms.

Preventing damage to the vehicle, not turning around to park or protect it from the weather are some of the reasons why users decide to take a parking space, something that in many large cities is more a necessity than a luxury, for the parking problems.

Entrance Automation Installer.

30 years ago it seemed unthinkable that a heavy iron door could be opened automatically, with all gentleness and security. Nowadays it is something habitual, thanks to next generation automatisms, that work of fast, safe way and with a simple maintenance, and to the use of another type of materials, based on metal alloys and plastic equal of resistant and much lighter.

The usual transit of entrances and exits with the car makes the use of an automatic door almost necessary. First for comfort, since getting out of the car to close the door, every day and more in days of bad weather can be uncomfortable.

Said by Experts, our Head of the Automatic Door Division is clear: “Today there are automatisms that adapt to all our needs, whether for community or private use, there are many options and technologies that adapt to the customer needs perfectly.”

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In this way, an automatic system with basic safety measures, such as photoelectric cells, safety cables and parachute systems and elements that prevent the introduction of hands or fingers in any gap, give garage doors a high level of security , better than those operated manually,  and also requires less physical effort to enter and leave with the vehicle.

Today there is an efficient feature in all aspects such as sectional doors. They are easy to install and have a simple operation; they also have the following characteristics:

Security: With an automatic system, you arrive and in 20 seconds you will be inside the garage. Without stepping on the ground and without any incident.

Comfort: By pressing the control button, you will access the garage. Sheltered in your car, this way you will avoid opening or closing doors.

Efficient movement: It is used making an opening through some guides that raise the door with a circular displacement due to its composition by sections to conclude adhering to the ceiling.

In addition to all the features mentioned above, installing an automatic door brings with it energy savings since installing a garage door properly insulates you against cold or heat. The durability of these doors is clearly superior to the average since, being coated with steel and aluminum, the resistance is greater.

Therefore, if you wish to install an automatic door or intend to install it in the short term, you can ask and inquire at Entrance Automation Installer.

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