How To Improve Your Click Through Rate [CTR] In 2019


CTR has been also called as click through rate and having a high ctr results in good quality score but, how to approve ctr?

Regardless of everything, first we need to understand the basic formula of ctr. Technically, ctr measures the number of clicks the owner receives on their ads for per number of impressions.

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A good click through rate is highly important for the site because it not only measures the impressions but it also improves the quality score and PPC.

Now, improving the ctr is highly important for the site but, what should be the ideal ctr? Well, if you’re having great content then even 20 etr is safe although 4-5% is more than enough.

To maintain a good ctr you should place ads properly and have to have a mobile friendly page. Keep making changes in ads placement, errors may occur but it’ll at least keep the ctr in good touch.

So, following are some best ways to improve page ctr :

Include trademark symbols

Now, why do you even need trademark symbols for a higher ctr? Well, using trademark is indeed important while running google ads because it applies a positive impact over the user, but why is it important for a higher ctr?

Trademarks are usually required for legal reasons but it can also increase the page ctr because, when a user looks at the trademark they take it as of a high authority company which builds trust and they are more likely to click on your promoted site.

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So, adding trademarks symbols to your site is really crucial for a high ctr.

Do not include the price

Adding price in the google ads is the worst thing you can do to lower your ctr.

There are some who are more likely interested in checking price rather than buying stuff, they may just ran off after seeing the price so, just don’t add the amount in your ads.

It’s better to let buyer click on your site, they visited your site which means they are highly desperate to buy your service.

So, do not include the price since it attracts the genuine buyers.

You may get a 19% drop in ctr if you’ll include the price in ads and this can seriously affect your site. You may even have to face google penalty due to it.

Offer something for free

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Well, offering something for free could be one of the best ideas to drive traffic and higher traffic leads to higher ad impressions and this will increase the page ctr.

Add the words such as ‘free’ or ‘100% off’ and doing this will drive a hell lot of traffic to your site and this will make your ad campaign a huge success.

You can either offer free stuff or you can just do it for a high ctr, those words are like clickbaits, you can easily catch public’s interest by promoting such free stuff although you ain’t providing anything.

Avoid numbers

Endless sites while promoting includes the stuff such as ‘50% off’ or ‘5th anniversary sale’ and yeah they seriously attract a lot of visitors and it’s actually a good way to promote your product and frankly speaking it is a great marketing strategy.

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Well, yes they do drive some heavy traffic but, in recent studies we have seen better results without including any numbers and we got a better ctr as well so, try to avoid numbers while putting your ads.

Use all the provided space

Honestly, there is just too much space provided and sometimes we just get done for in half of space but it is recommended to use all the space provided, why is it so?

Just write till the very end, it indicates that you have provided a proper information over public’s concern and it also increases the ctr by twenty percent.

Sometimes we actually don’t even require a description tag for a certain product or service but it can’t be helped, if you want better results, just keep filling till the very last word.

Use ‘WWW’ in your domain name

For eg, use ‘’ instead of ‘’, having a longer domain name is essential for a high ctr. You can see a difference of 9 percent if www is included in the domain name.

Replace ‘and’ with ‘&’

Tired of having low space in title bar? Aren’t you satisfied with the space they have provided?

Well, in some cases people use quite a long title and this may lead to less space so, you can replace some words and can add alternatives to those words.

I’ve provided an example in the heading. Many people use numbers in the name words, well, as mentioned above, using numbers in the title can drop ctr in a much greater way.

Adding such symbols can lead to high ctr, it worked for us, it will work for you as well.

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Avoid exclamation points

Exclamation symbol  has been used by many huge companies but, nowadays, the visitors just don’t like such tags since such symbols describes uncertainty.

People don’t like question marks and exclamation marks or any other symbol rather than full-stop since they are more interested in conclusions and straight forward answers.

We have witness a 8% drop in ctr, so, it’s better to avoid exclamation marks.

Call it ‘official’

Lately, I’ve seen many small brands call themselves as official and I was wondering, why do they do it?

Later, I realised that it shapes the marketing level and makes it even better.

By calling yourself official, you’re not only promoting your site but it’ll also built trust in visitors eye which is the key part.

The changes of selling a product increases when you tag along ‘official’ word and you can have a 80% higher ctr just by calling your site ‘official’ even though it’s a small start-up.

It may seem foolish but it’s working.



On the above paragraphs I’ve mentioned some working tricks which can boost your ctr at a unbelievably rate.

The methods are been personally tested and we have seen the changes.

There are some other methods as well but, we are happy with these tricks because we are generating a good ctr.

Having a good ctr is really important for your website. Too low or too high can cause penalty.

The average should be 5-10%. Suppose it goes till 20% then you are in danger although there ain’t any risk if the traffic is organic. You may have to face penalty if the traffic is driven from some social media site.

So, make sure to use these working methods for a good click through rate.

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