Tips to Increase Instagram Followers Organically for Your Business

Increase Instagram Followers Organically

Are you ignoring social media while laying out your business marketing strategy? If so, then you are losing the battle before even fighting.

Social Media Marketing has become very important more than ever in these times. Social media has become the primary outlet for the youth to discover new brands.

Today, Instagram continues to be the most popular social networking platform on the Internet. People create, share and connect with their friends and favorite brands with this tool.

The new home for brands, Instagram has become a serious content marketing, selling and audience building tool for individuals and brands from being just a fun app. The engagement of followers is high on Instagram. Moreover, they are brand loyal and help in achieving real business objectives.

However, when it comes to growth on Instagram, getting more followers has become a daunting task nowadays as compared to it was two years before. With a super-smart algorithm, billion of users and a myriad of clever brands, it’s a competitive place to boost your business and increase your fan following.

Having organic followers for your Instagram account requires patience and creativity. Before you begin to showcase your innovation, you need to strategize a strong marketing plan.

Let’s have a look at ways to reach out to target audience and increase your followers on Instagram:

Create a Branded and Complete Profile

People will decide in seconds whether to follow you or not by having a quick scroll through your feed, bio or clicking your highlight stories. Your feed gives you the chance to make a lasting impression and entice people to hit ‘follow’.

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Moreover, having a well-curated and cohesive Instagram aesthetics is the key to converting your visitors into followers and show off your brand’s unique style. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are organizing their feeds to appeal to new followers.

Use Hashtags and Geotags in your Instagram Stories

With creative features like GIFs, music, shopping sticker, polls, questions and many more, brands are getting more and more innovative with their stories to boost followers. However, you need to optimize Instagram stories besides getting creative. Instagram stories appear on the Instagram Explore page, which means people who are not following can still find you and watch your stories.

Your story can also be seen on the stories for common hashtags, geotags, location tags and profile mentions. Most Instagram hashtags and geo-locations have their stories associated with them also. So you can watch any published story using hashtag or location sticker.

Design Creative Instagram Ads

With the right type of Ads, you can build your followers. Running your own Instagram Ad Campaign is an easy task, however, it can be a bit intimidating for the first-timers. From feed-style images and videos to Instagram Stories ads, there are several options you can run for your account.

However, you need to make sure to target the right audience in the right way. Instagram has made this step easier for you, by introducing a ‘similar audience’ tab, so that you can share or create your audience in the app by choosing an interest, age group and the genders you want to promote your brand to. Ensure strong content for your ads that resonates with your target audience and a convincing call-to-action in the end.

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Getting paid organic followers

Most of you may be against buying followers and you are not wrong, as many websites just provide you followers in thousands, giving you the quantity and not quality. However, some worthy websites provide genuine and organic followers who will firmly engage with your profile and help you make a vivid presence on Instagram.

For businesses, high Instagram followers depict great standards for their target audience. It will make your visitors stay on your profile and scroll through the feed which may end up following your account and converts into loyal clients. There are some authentic platforms providing Instagram followers to help you increase organic traffic and conversions to your business website.


Instagram supports quality over quantity. So focus on adding quality to your Instagram account and gain more followers, thus more business revenue. People seek eye-capturing relevant content with a unique and creative approach. Create impressing posts that they can relate with and that can convince them to follow your brand, hit likes and give comments.

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