Instagram Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Instagram Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Everything is working perfectly? Is your marketing strategy going good? If no, then probably you’re doing some mistakes which restrict rising your business. So, here in this article, we would be discussing several marketing mistakes which people often carry out.

Instagram has become the most popular social networking platform in the era of this world having around 30+ millions of business profiles with 1 billion daily active users. Around 60+ million pictures are posted daily on Instagram having 1.6+ billion Instagram likes every day which is one of the reasons that it is known as the biggest social media platform all over the world.

Instagram seems to be easy when you start creating your account there. You probably think it is quite simple like just taking a picture and posting it on Instagram to get more Instagram Likes with some trending hashtags. Well yeah, it is simple for the people who use Instagram for personal use. For example, posting pictures of themselves, hangouts scenes, some memories to share, etc.

But the case is different when we talk about using Instagram for business purposes as operating a business account is as much difficult as easy is managing the personal account. So, therefore, in this article, we would discuss some marketing mistakes which you should avoid to grow your business.

1- Posting Inappropriate Content:

If you want to grow your business and build trust and engagements with your audience, the very first thing you need to do is posting the content only related to your niche. Always post content related to your brand, product, etc. People start unfollowing the accounts having unnecessarily posts which confuse the audience and thus result in loss of followers.

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What does your common sense say? Anyone who follows your business on Instagram would only follow if they are interested in your brand, products, etc. but if you post content that is not related with your brand then you might see a decrease in your followings. So, always post related content with appropriate hashtags to grow your business.

buy-instagram-likes-uk.jpg2- Setting an Instagram account to Private:

Most people set their Instagram account to private mistakenly when they start their newly created business on Instagram. But this small mistake can lead to ruining their business. Ok, it makes sense for the people who use Instagram for their personal use and they don’t want to share their personal pictures and videos with the public. However, when we talk about the business account, you probably have the goal of taking your business to the next level by promoting it everywhere to reach millions of people all over the world.

But if you set your Instagram to private, you’ll likely to get few engagements from only the people who follow you. Your posts would not reach to the audience as they are private. Therefore, I would recommend that whenever you plan to start a new business on Instagram, then must have a look at the privacy setting to check whether your account is public or private.

3- Random Posting

The major mistake marketers usually make is posting content randomly without even thinking that is this a right time for the post. Do they just keep on posting content anytime in day or night without realizing that their audience is active at that time or not? Thus, posting randomly can cause your account to have fewer engagements with the audience.

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Therefore, always make a strategy before posting content on Instagram. Analyze your target market, when they are active mostly when they come online etc. Keep these points in mind before posting content on Instagram. In fact, schedule your content before posting. Set the time for each post in order to have large engagements from the people.

4- Incorrect use of hashtags:

Hashtags are one of a great way to let your post go in front of a large number of people in order to get more engagements. But the majority of the people use irrelevant hashtags in their posts which lets their posts go in the places where it shouldn’t be. Thus result in losing followers and wrong engagement from the audience. Therefore, always do some research on hashtags which are relevant to your posts and check which one is in trending before posting anything?

When you find out your hashtags, use it in your posts which would definitely help you a lot in gain more organic reach. If you don’t find your hashtags, simply create your own hashtags. The number of hashtags Instagram allows us to use in a post is around thirty. But experts say that it is good to use around 11 hashtags per posts. Hence, never use incorrect hashtags in your posts.

5- Posting in excess:

This is probably one of the most irritating activities done by Instagram marketers. Being an Instagram marketer, you post content on your Instagram account. But bear one thing in mind that over-posting can cause problems for your business. Don’t post in excess as people follow many other accounts and if they watch only your post including photos or videos, they might get fed up of seeing your posts only in their feed and might unfollow you.

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So, there is a risk of getting unfollowed if you over the post. Post around 3-4 times a day at specific times. Analyze your audience when they get active more. Don’t post at the same time which may result in less engagement with the audience.

According to the experts, Sunday is the day when people get active more on Instagram as it is known as a holiday for all people in the world. Where everyone is free and enjoys their day scrolling through the internet. Thus posting on Sunday would result in higher engagements than any other day.

Above are some of the major mistakes people often do in marketing their business on Instagram. Try to avoid these mistakes as they can down lift your business instead of lifting it up.

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