Is advanced advertising enough to cherry pick audiences?

Not really, it requires more immersive experiences!

Constantly embracing new revenue models for advertising is so vital these days. Using big data ensures there is zero wastage by targeting only specific audience. With advanced advertising, personalized content fetches higher revenues. Research shows there is a possibility of nearly 20-40% increase in case of targeted results. However, there is nothing to cheer about as only this strategy is insufficient to cherry pick audience reactions. So, what else is required to reach a wider audience without breaking the limited budget?

An immersive advertising model cracks the code for better and profitable revenue generation. Content can be seen with HD clarity across screens and different mobile devices. By the time you finish your coffee and reading this material you may have a lot to think about for the next campaign or event launch awareness.  

Live events are ideal targets

Some programs have extremely high advertising costs across the world. While billions of viewers can be targeted at once, it could also create a deep hole in the budgets. Big ticket events like a live telecast of rock concerts, festivals, soccer matches, royal weddings, world summits, and breaking news attract millions of eyeballs. It would be a real shame if these broadcasts are bypassed without commercial gains. Yes, they do attract multiple brands, would-be sponsors and general advertising. But there are only some brands that have great recall value. Big data also reveals that strategic placement across platforms is important as it does not kill the brand for the viewer. This involves dynamic ad insertion to keep viewers hooked. It could also provide an immersive experience in the clutter of commercials being broadcast repeatedly.

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What really works is advanced advertising that zeroes on targeted audience and deals directly with the consumers. A data-enabled selling plan that offers dynamic ad insertion will ensure that the content is cherry picked.

Content needs to be consumed  

Only a passionate consumer will appreciate enhancements in advertising offerings. As most of them are turning towards cable set boxes and television, the advertisers need to tune themselves to content-based advertising. Online viewing platforms have become very common and also driving more immersive experiences. Content creation for consumers needs to be such that it can be driven on various platforms. Interactive data brings more reactions from consumers. Many agencies are collaborating with satellite channels, cable companies (for local events) and broadcasters. When they need a conversion of the same content on different channels or platforms, video encoders of the best quality are required. While it is easy for them to create the content, they fail in conversion for cross platforms. Service providers who offer such solutions where the data is converted for a seamless viewership are critical.

Good quality videos allow clarity of audio and video that will keep the viewer engaged. With the help of AVP 4000 encoder, the quality does not suffer. The consumer continues to get the same immersive experience.

Value of the system encoder 

Whether an ad agency or media group requires professional solutions for encoding data or cutting generation loss during compression or scaling cannot be denied. Hence, a high-grade professional toolset like AVP 4000 Encoder is one of the best solutions available in this world. It is the most advanced for processing the content and continuous live streaming.

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Its features include:

  1. Six swappable option slots with which auxiliary modules and encoding options are available to the media group.
  2. Onboard video monitor and service protectors are embedded. They also give real-time feedback.
  3. It offers a wide range of encoding needs which fit with various interfaces. It offers multi-vendor support which is a convenient option during a live telecast.
  4. It is a complete multi-screen and multi-platform tool set. It contains a power video chip.
  5. The advanced chip that is made from years of experience offers software upgrade and does away with intricate hardware designs.

Investment into new tool sets  

Advanced advertising cannot succeed without the right software and toolsets. If media groups need to keep the consumers engaged, they will need to invest in advanced encoders or get left behind. If you are a media executive reading this blog, it should give you enough to think about the new data generation techniques. As you are already aware that beating competition is tougher in today’s times, the right investment is critical to business needs. Communication on television and online media is at an all-time high. Cherry pick the right toolset to get the audience and hit the bull’s eye.

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