Is Spiritual enlightenment the only goal of meditation?

Is Spiritual enlightenment the only goal of meditation?

Meditation is done with the aim to bring your scattered thoughts to one focus and provide stability in our thoughts and actions. This is done by awakening our sleeping self through the knowledge of underlying truths that are unknown to many of us unless we turn to find them out.

So here comes the question that many people ask- Is Spiritual enlightenment the only goal of meditation?

Certainly not! There is much more to meditation than connecting your spiritual self to your worldly self. In order to understand that one needs to learn that how is Goal Setting done through meditation.

Is Spiritual enlightenment the only goal of meditation?

Meditation is a powerful way of setting the goals in your mind and training it to achieve them. it awakens your conscious self which signals your brain to constantly work in the direction of achieving your goals.

How does meditation help in Goal Setting and achieving?

First of all you need to define the purpose behind doing meditation. Find a goal and approach a trained expert who can guide you in setting that goal in your mind through meditation.

If you cannot find one, we are here to guide you. At Mind Valley Academy we help our students to set realistic goals in their mind. There are various types of goals that people aim at- some are spiritual goals while other are based on stress relief, health benefits etc.

Once you are thorough with what you want to achieve, we provide specific video tutorials based on the type of goal that you have aimed for.

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Goal Setting can be done in the subconscious mind to generate the positive energies and inclination to make efforts in that direction. Let us understand what impact does various kinds of goals have on your meditation practice.

Spiritual goals:

Meditation is directly being associated with spiritual goals. In fact people believe that meditation is the mode of spiritual enlightenment only as these techniques have emerged from spiritual Hindu and Buddhist philosophies. With advancements, people have started using modern technology to aid in meditation. Those who aim at spiritual goals believe that meditation opens the doors of divine influence in their mind and they feel free to connect their prayers with the master souls.

Stress respite:

With meditation, the practitioners feel the relaxation and relief from stress of all kinds. It is a strong technique to liberate one from day to day stress of life. Expert psychologists even suggest meditation to the patients of depression and hyper anxiety. Deep breathing practices along with relaxed postures and soothing music help them to feel the tranquillity in their brains.

Health advantages:

Meditation is known to reduce anxiety and stress among people which in itself is a great health benefit tool. However, you will find people adopting to meditation these days for weight management and cardiovascular health issues. Therefore, people are inclining towards attaining goof health through meditation. Meditation seeds their mind to work towards the betterment of their own health as well as provides calming effect to the mind which saves them from panic attacks.


People with mood swings and hormonal disorders find it particularly useful to do meditation to uplift their bad moods.

Thus, Goal Setting is done through meditation if one has clear idea of what he or she wants. It is a technique to open your mind to endless opportunities for leading a happy and tension free life.

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