Is the smartphone turning your kid into a zombie

Is the smartphone turning your kid into a zombie

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Have you witnessed bent necks, walking slowly with devices in hands and ears?  Our growing addiction to smartphones has turned us into smartphone zombies.

We witness kids walking around the street with their eyes occupied in their cell phones. Kids are crossing roads, climbing stairs, working on assignments and using washrooms with their cell phones in their pocket.

So, what is the general conclusion? We are slaves to smartphones and gadgets. However, technology has been kind enough to bestow us with apps like a Best parental control apps For Mobile which reduces the addiction of kids in many pragmatics ways while ensuring their safety.

Reliance on technology

Our generation of kids is famous for being lazy and lethargic. Dependency on mobile phones has reached such a peak point that without cell phones we feel handicap. Isn’t it?

So, is the dependency harming our kids? Yes, in many ways!

Here are some common effects of smartphone addiction:

–    Kids are turning into smartphone addicts; their life revolves around smartphones. Many kids get aggressive and violent without smartphones.

–    With the increasing use of social networking platforms, kids have developed a liking for virtual networking and are poor in real-world social skills.

–    The growing use of smartphones has ill-effects on your kid’s health. Right from postural problems to poor eyesight, most kids are showing signs of health issues as a result of excessive use of smartphones.

–    The most worrisome factor is the psychological consequences of using a smartphone. Because of misleading social media posts and information, kids suffer from depression and anxiety. Another new disease kids are suffering with is FOMO- “Fear of missing out.” Kids are eager to learn each and every detail of the world.

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–    Being active on social media and online websites or gaming apps invites cyberattacks and cyberbullies. Often kids are unable to distinguish their friends from foes and end up communicating with online predators.

Mobile game addiction 

Mobile phone addiction or reliance was still tolerable until gaming happened!

Games are the most disturbing part of smartphone addiction. Kids are so occupied in the gaming world, at times they skip meals and sleep time with no consideration for the external environment.

Games like PUBG, GTA Vice City, Minecraft, etc. are few addictive titles accessible in the gaming world. The reason behind its popularity is definitely the concept, but the main reason these games have made the news headlines is due to the amount of distraction it has created for children.

Kids are so immersed in the gaming apps that they tend to compromise in other vital areas like:

  • Studies
  • Sports
  • Physical exercise
  • Food habits
  • Book reading
  • Sleep and resting (cause the new definition of resting is texting or gaming in your smartphone!)

When your mind is not free of addictive activities, how does the mind think of any constructive or innovative thought?

How to help your kids from getting less addicted to phones? 

We will recommend some simple and easy strategies which can be applied in your child’s daily life and bring down the addiction of smartphone:

  1. Teach

It all starts with teaching your kids about the smartphone. Whenever you introduce your kids to a smartphone or provide them access, the first rule is to explain what is required and introduce features with some filters.

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Teaching the right things at the right time is essential. Remember, your kids will anyway learn the extra details from their peers, so why not show them some useful methods of smartphone usage.

  1. Educate

The most important part of parenting is educating kids about the practices of the cyber world. Your kids need to be aware of the good practices as well as the ill-effects of the cyber world.

We encourage parents to avoid hiding any details from kids. The more they are aware, the chances of getting into trouble reduces.

Education also means sharing best practices like;

  1. Privacy and security settings on social media
  2. Avoiding the multiplayer gaming mode
  3. Switching off the notification settings
  4. Enabling “SafeSearch” on the google search engine to filter explicit data
  5. To stay away from suspicious email links and website links
  6. Switching off the internet during bedtime
  1. Track

Track your kids online and device activities. How? Your search is over.

There are several ways available in the market to simplify your work and Secure Your Kids Online. For one, you can browse through their website history. Keep a check on their call logs through the parental control apps.

Ask your kids to show their apps and internet websites once in a while and pretend that you are curious.

  1. Feedback

Once you are done understanding your kids’ digital likes and dislikes, provide accurate feedback to your kid. Make them distinguish between the right and wrong activities with appropriate reasoning.

If you come across any suspicious or mischievous activity, you may also want to give strong warnings to stop the bad habit.

  1. Stringent measures
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In spite of all your efforts, your kids may still be occupied in their social media world or may never get over the latest gaming apps. How do you take action?

In such cases, parents can download the parental control apps available in the market.

Parental control app for Android and iOS available in the app store  

Some necessary measures that can be taken using the Bit Guardian parental control app are the following:

  1. App block– Block inappropriate apps like dating, games, adult content, etc. on your kids’ phone.
  2. App install block– Each time your kid wants to install a new app, you will receive a notification to cross-check the app.
  3. Time schedule– Set a screen time for your kid’s smartphone activities.

Are you still waiting for your kids to turn into zombies? Stop waiting, start acting and get your hands on the best parental control app in the market.

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