Issues in Construction Tools & Management

Issues in Construction Tools & Management

Tools are an integral part that plays the most important role in shaping a construction project. With the high operating costs at unparalleled rates, responsible management of all tools and assets are becoming important to any business in order to achieve growth. In the construction industry, overhead costs can be huge and managing all factors of the business can be unimaginable.

In terms of crime and theft, according to the research and statistics, National Insurance Crime Bureau stated that this industry loses $1 billion annually from equipment and tool theft, increasing on average 20% annually. Keeping track of what property you own and where they are can save you money, time and get the job done without procrastination. However, as a GC you don’t want to be spending your valuable time and energy protecting your possession, you want to be initiating new possibilities. So, how to track and protect your tools? Tracking of RFID

Issues in Construction Tools & Management

The use of bar code labels or RFID tags to mark the tools makes easy tool and equipment tracking. Each item chronologically placed would have its own unique bar code or RFID tag attached to it.

  • Tracking through Barcode

Utilizing a bar code or RFID scanner, the issue of a product is as simple as scanning or analyzing the bar code of the person or job site taking the tool, and then scanning the item itself. A return is done in the same style.

  • Equipment Tracking when Off-site

The important factor of these systems is issue and return, but look to the other efficiencies to really help your construction company. How about multiple areas? In this scenario, one or more central warehouses store the inventory and then change the inventory to one or more jobs sites. The software maintains a count of items at each zone. Once the inventory is received at the job site, the items can be checked out to and returned from the workers and other employees as needed.

  • Security in Tool Room
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Some applications offer tool room security by using access control devices to lock and unlock doors and record when a person goes and exits the tool room. In addition, many provide the ability to maintain employee certifications and licenses within their framework. Again, duplicate entry can be eradicated by using one system. This integration also offers protection for you and your workers by preventing uncertified workers from checking-out specialized tools or equipment for which they are not properly trained.

  • Buying Tools

If you have problems with stock-outs or tools and equipment not being present at the spot when required, you should ensure your system has the ability to fulfil or purchase your inventory. However, the system allows you to set minimum and maximum inventory levels for each and every part at each and every location and when the level downs below the minimum, the system notifies you that you need to reorder.

  • Reporting to the Management

Another important feature for your system should be its reporting ability. Make sure that the reports that you need are present or can be built using a built in report writer. You should have reports that cover defective tools, tool and consumable usage, inventory re-validating, worker list, low inventory, service due, rental charges and much more.

SKYSITE comes up with cloud based construction project management software to track and identify documents in which all information related to the tools can be stored and managed. However, few business owners think that only the big guns need a dedicated system to track their tools and equipment. Certainly not! The costs interlinked with misplaced andassets are estimated to be equal to the amount lost due to shrinkage, damage and the net effect can greatly change the productivity count and profit of your company. No matter how large your company is, you certainly need to take care to manage tools and equipment at your construction site.

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