John Branca Harvard Speaker and Attorney and Others Can Protect Against Covid-Related TV Industry Work Loss

John Branca

Work in the television industry is often some of the most challenging because actors are required to do long shoots that may last for weeks at a time with minimal breaks. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has impacted this industry and triggered many legal troubles that may make it hard for some people to continue their careers in a meaningful way. As a result, a high-quality entertainment lawyer may be necessary, including professionals like John Branca who fully understand these issues.

Legal Issues Caused By Covid in the Television Industry

When Covid hit the nation the first time, television shows were put on hold and reruns continually ran to satisfy a population that was now stuck at home. As a result, television actors found themselves out of work. And while many were on contracts that ensured payment, others were not. This lack of work means that these actors suddenly found themselves without pay and bills for expensive homes that they couldn’t afford.

Unfortunately, these problems may end up being long-term for the television industry. Though many safety steps have been taken to minimize the risk of spreading Covid even further, shutdowns are likely to occur without warning and leave an actor without recourse. Harvard-trained lawyers may be necessary for this situation, as they can help an individual get the compensation that they deserve. Doing so is important in a scenario that may not get better any time soon without real work.

How an Attorney Like John Branca May Help

Television actors – even extras – affected by these legal troubles may need to contact legal lawyers like John Branca or other Harvard-trained professionals. These attorneys can help sort through the confusion caused by Covid and the changing industry guidelines. For instance, if an individual finds themselves out of work due to a temporarily canceled shooting, they may need a top entertainment attorney like John Branca to help themselves out.

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Harvard-trained professionals like these can help to sort through these confusions and give actors the compensation that they deserve. For instance, they can help an actor get some type of unemployment pay that helps to cover their bills while a show is not being shot. And these lawyers can also help with public relations gaffes that may cause some real troubles for an actor, such as questionable social media posts during these difficult times.

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