Ways to Keep Your Home Safe and Healthy for Your Family

Keep Your Home Safe and Healthy

Safety and health are among the top global concerns. Although the two tenets are important in all places, they are more critical in a home. If you have children and older people in your home, safety and health measures must be prioritized. Consequently, there are many measures central to a healthy and safe home.

Intensify Hygiene

Washing and disinfecting surfaces and items in your home will contribute to the overall safety of your home. It is prudent to wash hands upon entering your house. Further, you can leave some items such as handbags and dust coats at the laundry; keeping such things away from the kitchen and the living room will ensure a germ-free home.

Washing and disinfection practices are part of a safe and healthy home. It would help if you disinfected all places that are touched frequently. For instance, disinfect doorknobs, handrails, drawer handles, and refrigerator doors at least once a day. On the other hand, items that cannot be disinfected can be washed. Consequently, wash all your clothes, towels, beddings, and other personal items to keep germs and dirt at bay. Besides, showering is an integral part of cleanliness that you should embrace.

Prevent Physical Injuries

In an average home, many potential items can cause unintended injuries. Even though many household items have their roles, they may cause injuries in misuse or oversight. Common physical injuries result from fire, falls, and sharp objects.

It is prudent to install fire alarms in your home to mitigate fire incidences. Apart from having emergency contacts, you can take precautions by having a fire extinguisher at your reach. Remember, house design can increase or decrease the effects of a fire instance. For instance, barn doors can be easily opened during an emergency. Similarly, ensuring that window locks work properly will help prevent child falls.

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Some measures that can reduce fall incidences include installing grab bars, using rough bathroom mats, and preventing household spillages. Further, arranging your house to allow ease of movement will enable children and the elderly to move around safely. Interestingly, exercise helps strengthen the legs and make them flexible, thus lowering the risk of falling due to leg weakness.

Although many people overlook it, gun handling is essential. Since many parents have guns for personal safety, the weapons should be kept away from the reach of children. Besides, firearms should be cleaned privately.

Prevent Pest Invasion

Pests are always a nuisance. Further, they can cause disease and other inconveniences. For instance, mosquitoes can cause malaria, and bugs can cause allergies. Thus, stringent measures are needed to keep pests away from your home.

It is prudent to seal any potential entrances to keep pests away. Consequently, seal all cracks on the wall and any holes in the doors. Besides, always keep the doors shut at dusk to keep insects away. It is also prudent to install fly screens in your home.

Remember, many pests come for food at your home. Therefore, disposing of garbage and covering sweet-smelling foods can keep many pests away. Further, draining all stagnant water will aid in preventing mosquitoes from breeding.

If you have a house in the countryside, it is good to ensure enough lighting. Therefore, trim the tree branches and keep your grass short. Regularly clean your house to remove things that can attract pests. Interestingly, you can contact a professional to help you mitigate or eliminate pests.

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Avoid Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution is a potential health hazard. Poor indoor quality has many adverse health effects. For instance, household dust, strong odors, cockroach droppings, and mold can trigger allergies and asthmatic attacks. Further, families can encounter carbon monoxide when using coal, oil, and natural gas.

Poisoning related to carbon monoxide is highly fatal; hence, it is prudent to keep your home well ventilated. Apart from installing carbon alarms, keep all equipment using petroleum products away from the house when running.

According to the New York Times, there are various tools to ensure quality indoor air. You can try some of the tools to ensure clean air.

Mitigate Poisoning

Apart from environmental air pollutants, other poisons can get into your home. For instance, Radon gas and lead are now becoming common poisons. Lead causes various health issues, including organ damage. On the other hand, Radon is known to cause cancer. Therefore, test your home for any of the poisons and eliminate them.

Having a safe and healthy home is a personal effort. If you are committed to having a safe and healthy place, you have to take these measures. Remember, health and safety make happy families.

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