Kentucky: a tour of the state’s cultural diversity

Kentucky: a tour of the state’s cultural diversity

Enjoy crafts, Kentucky bluegrass and bourbon recipes

When I was traveling through Kentucky, I discovered wonderfully diverse terrains. From one moment to another, I went from the impressive area of ​​horse farms to be in the middle of a city full of bars, restaurants and world-class chefs that compete with those of cities like New York and Chicago. This diversity of landscapes also offers a cultural diversity that I had never seen, with experiences ranging from popular art to craft distilleries.

Kentucky: a tour of the state’s cultural diversity

Crafts in Paducah

My first stop was the wonderful artistic city of Paducah, on the banks of the river. All over Kentucky, I met friendly people who were always willing to help me, but Paducah brought that welcome hospitality to a whole new level. When I entered a local restaurant the night I arrived, I was greeted by the owner as if I were a frequent customer of the place. The longer my stay in Paducah lasted, the more I realized that everyone treated me with the same warmth.

The charming city is renowned for its National Quilt Museum, which is the largest in the world, as well as for its large quilt embroidery events that attract competitors and visitors from around the world. But it’s not just about quilts: the Lower Town Arts District in Paducah attracts countless artists, who have bought houses in the area and turned them into galleries, where they produce and sell excellent works of art and crafts. The whole city offers a relaxed atmosphere and has beautiful houses and a wonderful history. I loved spending time there.

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Immersion in bluegrass

Not far from Paducah, in Owensboro, you’ll find a completely different kind of culture at the Bluegrass Music Museum. The museum is the only one of its kind in the world and is full of objects related to the international history of bluegrass. Unfortunately, for organizational reasons, I missed the ROMP Festival, a four-day celebration of the “roots and ramifications of bluegrass” that takes place here every year. However, I did have the opportunity to speak with some of the loyal festival attendees and, without a doubt; I will plan another trip for the ROMP Festival next year.

Does anyone want bourbon?

What I did on time was my next stop at the wonderful Woodford Reserve in Versailles, which is among the beautiful horse farms that made Kentucky famous. The distillery offers several daily visits and the one I did turned out to be one of the best tours I have ever done. The guide knew so much about science and history about the making of bourbon that the course flew by. By the time we had to taste the Woodford bourbons in the tasting room, I already felt like an expert.

The culture of Kentucky is so full of attractions that it really does not matter what kind of vacation you look for, everything can be found here in the “state of bluegrass”.

The United States offers a wide exposure to the arts and culture. The cities like Kentucky, Toronto, Ann Arbor etc are the cities with full of arts and culture and when you ever you are visiting USA then you must take a sightseeing tour to Ann Arbor to enjoy and learn about the culture of United States.

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