Kitchen Remodeling? Try One of These Magnetic Themes

Kitchen Remodeling? Try One of These Magnetic Themes

Far too often, homeowners are unhappy with their kitchen design. Naturally, when they have the opportunity to update it, they want everything to be perfect. However, perfecting all the details can get stressful, especially when considering how permanent the change is.

Unless you have a natural eye for design, you should try to draw inspiration from other kitchens. The best way to do this is to check out various themes. This way, you can steal trendy ideas and make them your own.

Kitchen Remodeling? Try One of These Magnetic Themes

Choosing a theme or creating your own is one of the best ways to express your individuality in the kitchen. Consider the following themes, for example. Each one speaks to the personality and lifestyle of the homeowner.


This type of kitchen is great for quiet households. Minimalism is a key characteristic here. This means that the design is strikingly simple with kitchenware or hardware hidden from site. Expect the kitchen cabinets to resemble another section of the wall with invisible pulls and no color differentiation.

In fact, a monochromatic color scheme is typical of this kind of kitchen. Generally, the walls and furniture will be shades of white, gray, brown or black.  You can break up the monotony with stainless steel appliances and metallic accents. You can also draw the eye by adding a pop of bright color.


Tuscan kitchens are warm, charming, and subtly beautiful. Done right, this kitchen design will feel romantic and sophisticated. The color scheme greatly contributes to this. Use natural colors like warm yellow, burnt orange, turquoise and earthy green. This looks especially nice in a kitchen with cream colored walls and espresso colored cabinets.

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Faux stucco walls make a beautiful statement as well. Paired with lots of polished wood and wrought iron furniture, it can really feel authentic. Terra cotta accents are also a staple of Tuscan kitchens. For a fresh twist add large vases with sweeping plants or something else inside. You can also add a striking artistic piece like a tile mosaic.


Rustic kitchens provide a calming atmosphere for entertaining. This kind of kitchen has an outdoorsy cabin feel that will remind you of simpler days. It’s common to find ceiling beams, weathered wood, dark tile floors and stone backsplashes. The color scheme is usually warm, with various shades of grey, tan and espresso browns. It is also commonly accented with rich reds, yellows and greens.

For appliances, go with stainless steel as they respond better to this theme, as opposed to classic black or white. Another popular option is to get luxury appliances that are built into the wall. This will create a more streamlined look.


If rustic kitchens are woodsy, coastal kitchens are their opposite. Coastal kitchens are all about harnessing the soothing power of the ocean. This may be the perfect theme if you are working on a Cape Cod Kitchen Remodel. The key to this breathable design is to keep everything light and airy. You can do this by opting for open shelving rather than cabinets.

You can also choose glass accent pieces and a pale tile backsplash. Similarly, white and stainless-steel appliances fit right in. As for the color scheme, different shades of white and light blue help to boost the ocean vibe. Add lots of lighting to cast the kitchen in an ethereal glow.

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Have you ever heard of comfort food? Well this is a comfort kitchen!

Country or “farmhouse” kitchens have a timeless, cozy feel. Achieve this look using white wooden cabinets and or a pastel stained hardwood floor. Accessories are your best friend. Try checkered tablecloths, floral print curtains, and butcher block countertops to help define the tone of the kitchen.

Appliances play a major role as well. A traditional range top stove and farmhouse sink will further create the feeling of nostalgia. The color scheme can be lively with pops of bright yellow, red, orange, and green standing out against white walls, islands and cabinets.


Feeling nostalgic about an error you never experienced? Then a retro kitchen design is perfect for you. Old-fashioned appliances, furniture and accessories make this kitchen feel comfortable and inviting. This may include some 50’s diner elements like a breakfast bar island with diner stools. Or You may try a subtler approach like a breakfast nook, print curtains and an old radio.

To get the color scheme right you may have to master the art of inconsistency. Black and white tile, small checkered print, red and white polka dots, and floral print are popular patterns used. Colors tend to be muted and pale, or electric blue and red with shiny chrome accents.


People love industrial style kitchens because it is designed to be affordable and highly functional. The approach is meant to be open and materials remain in raw form. White walls, untreated wood, cement and bricks are often involved in this theme. Linoleum tiles or otherwise gray flooring are another common characteristic.

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In terms of storage, invisible cabinets, wire racks and open shelves are a popular option. You can also get a peg board on which to hang pots, pans, and large utensils. Stainless Steel appliances and furniture are also stapling of an industrial style kitchen.

Draw inspiration from some of these timeless kitchen themes when planning out your kitchen renovation. In this way you can adapt your kitchen to the right shape and dimensions for your dream vision. For help creating your theme, you can get in touch with local kitchen design experts. They will be full of ideas and up to date on what is trending in the kitchen.

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