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Why are you seeking to have an app? Or there is any problem, you have come across that you can resolve. The answer to this question will decide whether your app will be successful or not.

Below in this article, I’ll brief you about the guide, but make sure it may not work for everyone. Take from it what suits your strategy best, or follow it to handle. Getting started is an essential thing.

Here is the process which can help you in creating the app:

  1. Get an idea: So, if anyone has an idea, he should move to the next points and if don’t then continue reading it. So, if you are looking forward to having an idea? Then you need to look for a problem, and you can find it everywhere.

As you all know that, every product or services you are using these days were to solve a problem. For e.g., if you want to go to some place then you have got a car, and if you want to go from one country to another, then you have a plane.

Even you should look for problems in your daily life and when you find it, just try to resolve them.


  1. Identify the need: You can accept your idea by using Google Keyword Planner tool to know how many people are seeking out what you’re trying to do. You can just develop a landing page to describe your idea and seek user interest via email signup.


  1. Display the flow and features: Accepting you app idea means that people are interested in your idea. Now you have to tell about your product onto a document if you want to go more, and then use a wireframing tool. Tell the flow of how users will run your app; this will help your developer to understand what you need.
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  1. Wash off non-core features: You are almost ready after flow and features document. Now see all the features you want to remove. Only offer the core value of your app. Try not to give the feature of ‘Nice to have’, you can later give it in the update. This will help in make the initial costs of development low and will let you enter the market quicker.


  1. Put design first: Well, most of the businessman wants to have a very basic design and they just want to develop an app. This is wrong. The design is not just about how your app looks, it more of how the user will experience the app.


  1. Hire a designer or developer: Go and seek an ios mobile app development company or an android development company, which has good design techniques and a good development team according to you. Before hiring any developer, check their online credibility and the apps they have developed.


  1. Integrate analytics: This feature will help you in tracking your downloads, user engagement, and retention of your mobile app. Always remember to use tools like Flurry, and you can get in for free and also Localytics, which is available in free and paid version.


  1. Get your app feedback and improvise: Now when your app goes live for the first time, the first set of users will brief you how to improve and enhance your app.


  1. Introduce features: You launch your app with limited features and only offer core features. Second time make sure to introduce your further features that were left out during your launch. You will easily get to know your app is relevant or not by analytics and feedbacks.
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  1. Create developers accounts: You should enlist for a designer account with the separate application stores to have the capacity to offer your application through their stage. Google charges $25 a year for an android app development services and Apple charges $99 annually. There is an option of registering as an individual or as a company.

The above-mentioned points are not that important, but these guidelines can help you build your app in the most effective manner. It is very simple to build an app, but the biggest challenge is to get the customers to your app.

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