Know About High Temperature Fiberglass And Polypropylene Filter Cloth

High temperature fiberglass cloth is a soaring temperature and flame defiant thermal insulating fabric fictional from advanced quality type E fiberglass that would not blaze and hold out incessant revelation to temperatures of 1000°F / 520°C. It is employed to safeguard tool, wires, cables, tubing, hoses and pipes. This high temperature fabric offers thermal wadding and personnel safety.

These fabrics are generally employed to manufacture wadded tool covers, welding drapes and covers.

This substance resists many acids and alkalis and is not influenced by various solvents and bleaches. It is very flexible. Know About High Temperature Fiberglass And Polypropylene Filter Cloth



  1. Good exposure utility when applied to types of surfaces; it may cover the imperfections of old and innovative walls successfully and assure the consistency of the surface arrangement and color.
  2. Powerful tensile potency, it is successful to stop wall breaking and plays the best role in wall strengthening with the high-class coatings, simple to make clean and without exterior buildup of stationary electricity.
  3. The open negated managerial arrangement is good for ordinary dispersion of water vapor to endorse the change of the indoor ambiance.
  4. The non-smooth facade of the cloth can decrease the noise.
  5. Outstanding flames and heat conflict.
  6. Keep time and simple to set up, environment safety, security and good embellishment, rich surface.
  7. Play the role of strengthening, protection, drainage, filtration and separation in roads, environmental protection, water conservancy and different projects.


The high temperature fibergalss cloth is composed of incessant fiberglass threads. It is flat, yielding and dense.

It has exceptional work: Low heaviness, great strength, more heat-resistant, thermal resistance, inflammable, good electrical wadding, anti-corrosion and atmospheric safety.

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Fiberglass cloth application:

Fiberglass cloth is very tough and may be employed in a range of diverse ways like insulation, recreation and marine, electronics, higher composites, filtration, commercial and edifice, safety, etc.

Polypropylene filter cloth:

Polypropylene is the trade mark of polypropylene thread. It is a thread composed of propylene as raw substance by polymerization and melt rotating. Polypropylene formally started its industrial construction in 1957 and is a growing star in artificial fibers. As polypropylene has the benefits of easy production procedure, low price, high power, and quite light thickness, polypropylene is quickly developed. Currently, polypropylene is the fourth biggest range of artificial fibers.

Polypropylene manufacturing involves small fibers, filaments and split threads. Polypropylene casing threads are composed of initial creation of polypropylene into a layer and then making bigger the film to create it split into a fibril system. Polypropylene is broadly employed in the production of manufacturing fabrics, nonwoven cloths, and the same. Like carpets, polypropylene filter cloth, fishing nets, ropes, building supports, oil assimilation blankets, and decorative cloths. In civil employment, polypropylene may be composed merely by spinning or mixing with cotton, wool, or viscose, to create different types of cloth. Additionally, polypropylene film cloths may be employed as covering substances.

So, if you need any information regarding fiberglass cloth or polypropylene cloth, then you may contact Filtech Fabrics.

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