What are Latest Trends that changed the Footwear Industry?


In every different market, different trends keeps on changing the whole industry linked with it. Likewise, when it comes to the footwear industry, the trends keep on changing and thus the overall footwear industry changes by time. In this article we’ll discuss what the latest trends that changed in footwear industry are and the trends that completely transformed the footwear industry. The article is divided into sections for better readability.

Season Based Trends

Trends in the footwear industry have changed as per the season. There were the times when people use to wear heavy boots in the winter season but not now. There are various types of feather weight footwear items available in the market which can keep your feet warm in the winter season. Likewise there are various sweat resistant shoes that keeps your feet sweat free during the summer season. All of these season based trends are keep on changing, but if we talk about the current year 2018, there are a lot of variety in footwear as per seasons.

Festivity Trends

Festivals comes and go. They bring along with them various trends. Such trends affects the footwear industry also. They have changed a lot now. Previously people do not used to celebrate festivals how they are celebrating them now with the whole society. People like to have different type of footwear for different festivities. The footwear items have started to manufacture items as per the various festivals. But the thing here is that not everyone get the shoes as per the festivity trends because they are a lot more costly.

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Personal Celebrations Trends

This segment of the footwear is consider to be the most costly segment and as per the latest trend of personal celebration footwear items, the cost is going to be even more. For moments like Weddings, the footwear items are amazingly made of precious metal and stones as well. These days, you can custom order the very own design for your footwear items which you are going to wear on such personal celebrations.

Formal Trends

These days there are a lot more office jobs than the previous days. More and more people have started to work in the offices than the traditional works. There was a time when all of the people in the office jobs used to wear the black formal shoes. But these days trends changed. Many of the office environments have started to use all time use shoes like the sport shoes. So, this is a major trend change.

All Time Hit Trends

Although trends of footwear changed but there are some footwear items who keeps on the same with just a few minor changes. The best example are the slippers. Some trends are meant to be kept forever, that’s why they are known as All Time Hit Trends. By the way, everyone has a different view of the latest trends.

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