Does lip sense dry your lips?


What is lip sense?

Lip sense is a product that is well known for its long-term effect. The lipstick is different from other conventional products as the application of Lip sense might last from 5 hours to 15 hours. Moreover, it is also well – appreciated since users can customize their favorite color blend by choosing from more than ten lip glosses and 70 different colors.

Regarding SeneGence, lip sense is gluten – free, cruelty – free, lead – free, wax free, and GMO – free that is very rare to find in the lipstick range. Furthermore, this product is waterproof, smudge – proof, does – budge – off, kiss – proof as well as does – not – rub – off. You can watch tons of videos on YouTube that show people using Lip sense leave no mark on the glass after drinking.

How to apply Lip sense?

There are several steps to apply lip sense as it is a bit more complicated than the lipstick itself. However, do not worry so much, these steps are very simple and easy to follow.

  • Exfoliate your lips and ensure that it is clean. If you do not have enough time, you can use makeup remover to clean it.
  • Let your lips dry after cleaning
  • Shake the lip sense well before using it and spread the fluid equally without touching your lips or swiping it.
  • You may try about 3 times to qualify the duration and color quality.
  • Let your lips dry again before applying the lip gloss to seal the color.

You find it difficult, don’t you? Do not worry, when you are used to it; it will take you about several minutes to apply lip sense. As these steps are vital to sustaining your color durable while not letting your lips dry, you should do it carefully.

How much does Lip sense cost?

You would expect to invest about $45 in having a basic kit which consists of one color, one oops remover, and one lip gloss. You might wonder why the cost is so high and wonder about its reliability, durability and its effect. Some once claimed that with the lip sense’s long-lasting result, the investment is worthy. However, some people also complained about their burning sensation after several first applications. And there are others who are much worry about the lips are dry after the applying so many layers of cosmetics.

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So is this true? Does lip sense dry your lips?

To get the answer, we first need to look into the ingredients that it consists of. There are two ingredients found in one typical lip sense which are Alcohol Denat and Propylene Glycol which might be the culprit of getting your lips dry.

Propylene Glycol

This is an active compound in the lip sense. It is used with the very tiny amount in the lip sense. This organic mixture can thicken your lips, control the consistency and enhance the absorption and its ability to moisturize your lips. The FDA (short form of the Food and Drug Administration) has marked this substance as “generally considered as safe.” Moreover, this compound is regarded not causing skin irritation, and it can also be ingested in bulk volumes. Therefore, we can conclude that there is no relation between your dry lips with Propylene Glycol found in lip sense.

Alcohol Denat

Alcohol Denat which is also called denatured alcohol is an ethanol with a higher amount of chemicals. This has just made it be unsuitable to be ingested in bulk amount. It is not safe to consume it as it contains dyes and perfumes, both of which has been regarded as inappropriate to be consumed.  The ingredient itself is used in the laboratory or hand sanitizer.

When it is in the normal state, alcohol denat works as a drying agent. Thus, it has to be denatured. Though this substance does not work like other ordinary alcohol, as a solvent, thickness enhancing an antifoaming agent, it might dry your lips to improve the exfoliation progress. After times of using chapstick and other lips cosmetics, your lips might be covered in tons of thick wax layer. That is when alcohol denat steps in and remove the coating. It is a useful compound as it can prevent harmful bacteria from being introduced to your lip sense tube. But do not worry so much, alcohol denat is often used in a minimal amount that can immediately evaporate.

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In conclusion, lip sense does not dry your lips. On the contrary, using glossy gloss and lip sense together will help your lips moisturized.

Steps of moisturizing your lips

Apart from using glossy gloss, follow these useful tips always to keep your lips moisturized.

Bring your water


The health benefits of water are undeniable as it is a vastly significantly elements to all living creatures. In fact, 75% of human body is made up from the water. Your skin will work as a protective barrier to deter the fluid floss. Dehydration is the root reason for wrinkled and dry skin. Therefore, drinking water (in other words, provide fluid to your body) will help to sustain the balance of body fluids, hence, keep your lips moisturized and your skin smooth and hydrated. And do not wait until you are thirsty to drink water, ensure that you have provided at least 2 liters of water every day. And ensure that you drink mineral water or fruit juice not tea, coffee, and alcohol.

 Prevent your lips from foreign stimulation

Lips are easily vulnerable to sunlight, UV rays as they do not have melanin which is a shield to prevent your skin from being attacked by the sun. Ensure that you apply sunscreen and other efficient products to keep your lips and skin healthy.

Stop biting or licking your lips

This is an unhealthy habit which is the cause of attacking your lips and causing it dry. Saliva has digestive enzymes which can easily distort the lips function.

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Moisturize your lips

Seek for the lip balms that contain beeswax, vitamin E or Shea butter. Petroleum jelly also makes another good option. For those who would like to have a natural choice.

  • Slice cucumber into thin slides
  • Apply these slides to your lips
  • Let them sit in for at least 20 minutes

The cucumber slides contain a high amount of water and vitamins to restore your dry lips.

Coconut oil is easy to use. You only need to heat the oil and use the warm oil to apply on your lips. You can repeat the process on a daily basis before you sleep.

Exfoliate your lips

Lip exfoliators will enable nutritive substances as well as appropriate ingredients to nurture your lips as well as they can get rid of dead skin from your lips. However, in case your lips are severely cracked or dry, you can use these products carefully since they can enhance acids which can irritate your lips.

Use a lip mask

Well, it may sound another time – consuming, complicated, and expensive addition to your jam-packed schedule, however, it is worth investing. Lip masks consist of high amount of nourishing agents and collagen which is a perfect option for your dry lips.

Fruits and vegetables


There are different choices of retaining your lips and skin health. One of choice is to consume a high amount of fruits and veggies. They are overwhelmed with antioxidants that can reduce inflammation, boost your immune system, as well as prevent infections. You can choose to consume guava, passion fruit, mango and other yellow fruits which contain a high amount of beta-carotene and carotenoids. Other fruits such as melons, kiwi, berries, and pineapple contain vitamin while mango, pomegranate, and berries contain vitamin E. So you can choose your consumption easier.


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