Luxury Home Decor Ideas

Decorating your home in a luxurious fashion involves creating a balance and a sense of harmony between all the elements used. It is to inspire good living. Pay attention to antique pieces that adds depth to design of a home and reverberates with richness of time.

Texture Magic

Playing with shape, color and texture creates magic and the desired effect of vibrancy to your living space. The texture of fabrics plays a vital role on the subconscious mind that enhances the effect in luxurious homes. Softness of velvet, warmth of wooden flooring, sheen of metal, sensual allure of leather creates a sense of depth to your interior design adding enchantment.

Luxury Home Decor Ideas

Luxurious Living Rooms

Living rooms are places to relax, unwind, entertain guests and celebrate special occasions. To make it look good, you can incorporate a beautiful centre piece, decorative pieces like vases, art plants and a modern sofa. Symmetry in design and arrangement of furniture and placing of objects of art creates a sense of order and tranquility. Give your interiors a sense of uniqueness by using vibrant colors to curtains, upholstery. Hang mirrors for a visual impact.

Add a traditional pair of wall scones to your modern living room along with table lamps and adjustable- height floor lamps. Centering a modern piece of furniture on a cubic rug could give you a classic look.To raise the bar on luxury decoration, luxury cabinet from brands like Boca Do Lobo can be used in contemporary living rooms.

Luxury interior design company in Dubai will give you awesome ideas and services to make your home and room interiors more attractive and innovative.

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Inspiration for Modern Kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of any home. For a functional efficient modern touch for your kitchen, you can try Varenna Kitchens. The color combination from these kitchen solutions is amazing, classy and refreshing in experience. It has a multi-functional kitchen island that provides all functions from cooking. The open layouts of the space are needed for modern contemporary homes that make your kitchens streamlined and modern in feel. Being minimalist in design with under mount sink, flat panel cabinets, stainless steel counter tops, metallic backsplash add a touch of luxury.

Easy steps for a dream Bathroom

An amazing bathroom idea is completed with a beautiful modern vanity unit. There is so much inspiration of ultra contemporary designs ranging from shallow glass basins, waterfall taps, vessel sinks of rustic wood, matte black faucets would all add a splash of style and luxury to your bathroom interiors. Having a modern wood vanity is perfect for storing fresh towels and toiletries.

Minimalist designs with marble or stone tiles surrounding the bathroom and rainfall shower head keep it elegant. However, use of large floor tiles can make a bathroom appear spacious. Efficient storage solution of light wood, sink and commode against a tiled wall gives a refreshing look. Wall mount bathroom sink and center tub, frameless mirror, wood planked walls can give an interesting touch to your bathroom space. Make sure your bathroom is up to date with high quality bathroom fittingslook best with bathroom fittings from good brands like Kohler, HansGrohe for wash basins, bathroom furniture, accessories, faucets, shower trays, screens, mixers, shower heads, toilets, bidets, bathtubs, handshowers, whirltubs and sauna.

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Luxury Home Accessories

Add a perfect finishing touch to your living space with luxury accessories like designer vases, home fragrance, decorative cushions, wall décor that infuse your interiors with a breath of fresh air.

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