Magento vs Prestahop: Which is better for e-commerce?

With every passing year, you have online development for the retail businesses. There are so many new challenges up ahead and you need to fulfill all of that. The main goal over here is to rightfully cope ahead with some significant business based obstacles and work on keeping the virtual e-commerce platform strong and effective. Some might go for Magento and there are others eyeing for Prestashop. Now, which one to choose? To help you get the answer straight, you have to go through both the options and check on the variations involved in their bucket list right now.

More about these platforms:

Prestashop and Magento are termed as open-source platforms for e-commerce category. Their main aim is to help allow individuals to start and even manage the online stores in a successful manner. If you are eyeing for customized solutions, both these platforms will have that for you. Through these services, you are able to create e-shop for that uniqueness and also to meet company’s requirements in a perfect manner.

Some recent statistics:

Before you head for Magento vs Prestashop, it is mandatory to check on some of the recent statistics for better understanding. As per the Prestashop claims from its official site, e-commerce solution helps in catering to over 270,000 online retailers, who are all set to manage stores and even help in developing the current e-commerce business. On the other hand, you have Magento to be empowering over 650,000 websites on a global platform. This track easily stated that Magento is always the first priority among e-commerce owners. However, Prestashop is now growing its popularity by involving some of its branches too. Even the experts clearly predict that if worked hard, Prestashop can give a tough competition to Magento any time.

Going for the features:


Prestashop is termed to be an open source and free e-commerce solution, designed to run stores in cloud or through self-hosting. Some of the promising features as expected from this source are listed below for better understanding.

  • Wide collection of customized themes
  • Mobile based commerce
  • There are significant web agencies working on Prestashop
  • You can procure designer guide and a significant store builder from this source
  • There are quick installation features available with intuitive interface
  • Apart from that, Prestashop has e-commerce SEO and analytics as well
  • There are more than 50 promising gateways and payment solutions available
  • Moreover, you have partnerships and shipping configurations too
  • On the other hand, you have configured tax rules, seamless form of customer checkout and even powerful integration sets along with customer service tools
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Another promising and much in demand open source e-commerce platform, Magento comprises of some paid and free versions too. Now, let’s get a note of its features first.

  • In this segment, you will have a perfect web design and a significant one for your shopping cart
  • Moreover, you have order management and customer service as some of the added features in the list
  • If you want help with mobile e-commerce, Magento is the name to be with
  • Other than that, this platform is here to offer you with product management, marketing and SEO based practices
  • You can procure reporting and analytics from the same store and it is able to manage multiple websites at the same time

Time for the power:


In case, you are currently eyeing for a tool for managing hefty product catalogs and also to withstand higher traffic, Magento seems to be the best choice in town. It is noted to handle unlimited products and processing over 80,000 orders on an hourly scale. For that you need to use a proper hosting plan obviously. In case, you are willing to choose Magento 1, you might encounter some of the slow issues. This won’t be the case with Magento 2. It comprises of built-in full page cache alongside Varnish support.


When compared to Magento, Prestashop happens to be way faster. This source is able to handle multiple products as asked for, like the competitor. On the other hand, this source is likely to offer optimal performance for certain number of visitors and products. During such instances, you need to head for dedicated server. In case online shopping comprises of larger product catalogs with huge traffic, you can always head for Magento as it is suitable for larger e-commerce websites.

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Templates and designs:

Templates and designs


The themes from Prestashop are known to be professional, elegant and even stylish at its best. You are often encouraged to choose from over 3000 free and even some paid templates with extra responsive features. On the other hand, the segment comprises of mega menu value, theme based color switcher, graphics and more. To top it all, it offers help from front editor too.


When it is about efficiency with trendy look, Magento is the name to be. It happens to be rather available in well-organized categories. Magento Marketplace comprises of only 12 chosen themes. This isn’t going to be an issue as there are considerable forms of third party designs. The most appealing and adorable ones are from ThemeForest. Magento, in this regard, is here to offer multiple variants and designs to work on and you might have to spend quite some time in selecting one. In case you have your own tech skills, you can develop your selected perfect theme too.

Going for the supported devices:

Before you head forward towards the best e-commerce platform, you might want to check on their supported devices. Unless you are sure which devices can support Magento or Prestashop, making the right choice might be kind of difficult.


  • Windows
  • Web-based practices
  • iPad or iPhone
  • Mac
  • Android


  • Web-based products
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android

Be sure to get these platforms first, before making the right choice!

Functional form of richness:


Prestashop is quite enough for enabling you to handle and even create e-commerce efficiently with over 310 built-in features. The features included in the list are orders, catalog and clients management, statistics calculations, multistory, SEO functions and even marketing. In case online store is in need of higher customization practices, there are over 5000 add-ons available. For that, you can head for the Prestashop Marketplace. It is now available in 65 different languages.


In this regard, Magento is here to take the lead as it is available in over 81 languages. The features are somewhat similar to Prestashop, but these are rather advanced. Once you have got yourself associated with Magento Web Development experts, you are about to receive better product management and SEO optimization when compared to Prestashop. Magento comes with its own market termed as Magento Connect. Here, you have the liberty to choose over 9000 add-ons around here.

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Easy usability:

Magento Web Development


If you compare Magento with Prestashop, the latter will be a great option for those a bit technically challenged. It is always easier to customize this store. This platform has also been used for simplifying daily store management on behalf of the owner, so that you can concentrate on some other pivotal tasks. You can further optimize online store, thanks to dashboard modules and analytics.


It is one of the most flexible examples of shopping cart ever! This solution is amazing when it comes to software craftsmanship. The services are no doubt going to address unlimited capabilities to some of the tech savvy merchants out there. It is going to be rather a pleasure experience to manage online store daily when you have Magento by your side. For setting or even launching a website, all you need is a bit of experience in web development category, or might have to hire help from professionals in this regard.

Pricing or the cost:


It is a bit hard to actually consider a particular amount for the Prestashop e-commerce platform as it varies from one service provider to another. It happens to be an open source based e-commerce solution, as available in two major editions. Those are:

  • Cloud based e-commerce platform
  • Downloadable platform


In this regard, pricing seems to be associated with a quote. When you ask an expert to work on your e-commerce platform, he or she will present you with a quote first. All you have to do is contact the expert directly for the best pricing information and even more than that.

Can be customized in any way:

Whether you are a diehard fan of Prestashop or have been associated with Magento, each platform can be customized according to your will. These are open-source options, designed to hold its stay for a longer period of time now. But, if you have to compare between these two options, Magento is seemingly getting a bit more attention in the market these days. But, that does not mean Prestashop is lagging behind. It is trying hard to improve its working experience, making it such a better opportunity for all to handle with ease. So, get these points straight before finalizing on one platform.

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