Major Types of Sheets Including Charcoal Sheets

Major Types of Sheets Including Charcoal Sheets

Shopping for bed sheets may be either enjoyable or tough. Finding good deals on bed sheets involves much more than looking at price tags. By understanding how sheets are made, including finishes, weaves and fabrics, usually found in sheets to help determine what a great deal you are getting.

Shopping for new sheets is the best way to give your bedroom a makeover. But shopping can be confusing as there are so many different fabrics and so many different colours ranging from pristine white to deep charcoal sheet set.

While picking a colour it is easy, selecting sheets made from the right fabric to suit your choice is a bit more complicated. Following are the major types of bed sheet fabrics:


It is the most popular fabric used to make sheets and other bedding and with good reason. It is breathable, durable, easy to care for, soft and very affordable. But there are many varieties of cotton. Here are the most common:

  • Egyptian cotton

It is the most luxurious variety. They make for high quality, super-soft bed sheets. Such cotton is grown in the dry, warm climates of North Africa. This cotton has extra-long fibres which create smooth, soft fabric. Charcoal sheet set looks great.

  • Pima cotton

It is reputed for its natural sheen and softness. It has medium to extra-long fibres which are ideal for bed sheets. The cotton is grown mainly in the U.S., Southwest. Charcoal sheets look good.

  • Upland cotton

It is native to the Americas but is commonly grown world over. Its fibres are not as long as Egyptian or Pima cotton, and so it is not that soft. Majority of cotton sheets are made of this type, especially if they are bargain priced.

  • Micro Cotton

It is a trademark name for extremely fine cotton thread developed in India. This durable cotton, made from long staple cotton fibres is absorbent and soft.

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This is a must for snuggling in cold, wintry nights. It is cotton that has been combed to fluff up the fibres. This makes for soft fabric that traps body heat. Its quality is measured in ounces per square yard and not by thread count. Charcoal sheets made of flannel are good for winter.


It is a soft, luxurious fibre created by silkworms. If you are looking for sheer indulgence, it is hard to beat real silk sheets- they are sensuous, silky and cool. It is also naturally hypoallergenic. The downside is that it is costly and tough to maintain because of its delicate nature.


It is a manmade fibre produced by the same polymers used to make plastic drink bottles. On its own, it has a stiff and scratchy nature, so it is found mainly mixed with other material like cotton.

Finely woven sheets are soft but not as breathable as cotton. But being durable and resistant to stains, they are suitable for kids’ bedroom.


Typically, bamboo can be made into a rough and stiff fabric but generally is made of rayon. The making of such fabric is harmful to the environment, but it is soft, silky and breathable like cotton.


There are also many blended fabrics in the market. Polyester/Cotton is the most common. Blended fabrics are typically durable, affordable and wrinkle-resistant making them ideal for children’s bedding.

These are all some of the best types of bed sheets in the market.

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