How to Make Your Boy Friend Jeans Look Stylish

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When it comes to essential pieces in the wardrobe, every girl and woman crave for a pair of boyfriend jeans on that list. They are cozy and comfortable to wear without feeling to thigh like one might feel sometimes wearing those skinny pairs.

Celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Miranda Kerr and Sra Jessica Parker would often be seen wearing them because they are easy to combine and comfortable. These jeans are really very adorable. If you are looking to make your boyfriend jeans look attractive, try out the following tips and tricks.

Sheer is Always Attractive:

While trying to give your favorite frame denim jeans a different look altogether, just go for a sheer attractive blouse or transparent shirt. The combination helps create an illusion of slimmer waist. Be sure to tuck the shirt just a bit on the waistline. Treat your feet with an ankle heel booties and pair of specs to complement your eyes.

Rolled them up:

When you want to give your modern denim jeans a glimpse of modern vibe, simple roll them up. Fold the jeans to create half-inch cuff or fold it again to create doubled half-inch cuff. Smooth out the cuff to create a strapping, symmetrical look.

Pair with High Heels:

Go for a pair of stilettos, strap sandals or pointed pumps to instantly make your legs look longer. It is a way to enhance your look without trying so hard.

Combine with Right Accessories:

Let’s be straight. Every fashion enthusiast turns out to be savvy planner when it comes to accessories. It’s not like they would try something or other just by chance. A lot of calculation is involved while choosing the right piece to achieve a well coordinated look.  A right handbag or piece of jewelry never ceases to transform the entire look into something outstanding and shimmering.

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Drape the Jacket:

Glam up your appearance with coats and jackets draped over the shoulders. This is a common trick every fashion editor talks about. During fashion weeks you can consider wearing a slung-jacket look all the time. Pair your favorite boyfriend jeans with your favorite leather jacket. Try out a lighter coat in pastel or vivid colors.

What to Wear with Different Styles of Jeans:

As a rule of thump, it is important to balance your outfit. If your top is tight, try out looser fitting trousers. If your trousers are tight, then go for a looser top. Conversely, however, if the top is form fit, the it is best to go with form-fitting trousers, as they are neither loose nor light.

If you prefer somewhat tight jeans, such as skinny jeans, you should go for long and floating tops that reach the top of your buttock at least. Look for something buttock length or longer.

A tight fit top that is no longer than your hips should be the ideal choice for boyfriend style jeans and carrot style jeans. With boyfriend style jeans, longer tops will make you look shorter and stouter than you are, while with carrot style jeans, longer tops will hide the top of the jeans, which are the central part of the outfit.


If height is not on your plus side, the best thing would be to wear anything that sport a heel. However, if you are tall enough, you can get away with wearing flats. If you want to wear something flat, be sure to choose something that reveal some flesh, so gladiator sandals are the ideal choice.

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With carrot style jeans or boyfriend style jeans, you should choose flats. Cowboy boots, UGG style boots, military boots,  and desert boots are the ideal choice.

Boyfriend jeans as the name suggests might be a touch bigger than your size but still much rightly fit. Whether you are on a casual outing or an adventure, you can surely go with this wonderful outfit. It’s precisely most suitable for the women who don’t like or feel a little out of sorts, in skinny varieties.

All you need to do is to keep it simple. A simple tee shirt with a boyfriend jeans is a brilliant combination. If you wish, you can also go without rolling up the cuffs at the hems, for that might look pretty nice too. If the jeans look awkwardly long, then rolling the cuff would bring dramatic makeover. On some occasions, the rolled cuff would be more appropriate, like when you want your footwear to be visible and stuff. Shop for frame denim sale online and find the right collection that better suits your appearance.

The best thing about skinny jeans is that it highlights curves. However, if you are not comfortable in showing curves, you can go for a form-fitting straight leg, rather than a tight fit. Excessively loose jeans make you look a little bulky. However, if you feel overweight, avoid boyfriend jeans. Carrot jeans are great for women with curves as well as for women without curves, as they are form fit at the top.

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