Making of Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream: A Glimpse

Making of Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream: A Glimpse

Although, nowadays the trend of enjoying the taste of liquid nitrogen ice cream is flourishing at jet dynamic speed across the world, but still its making is not less than a miracle for most of the people, especially those who enjoy its taste for the first time. Because, the ice cream is not prepared in front of their eyes, but also carries an everlasting taste which nobody can forget. If you go back to early methods of making an ice cream, you will notice that it was quite cumbersome, as the manufacturer had to get the whole mixture freeze for long hours before delivering it for sale in the market. But, all this is not with liquid nitrogen ice cream, here the manufacturer just puts the whole mixture in a machine and freezes in the front of your eyes, and till the time you blink your eye lashes he serves the fresh ice cream in front of you.

Making of Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream: A Glimpse

Making Of Liquid Nitrogen Ice-cream: As a general practice nitrogen is recognized as a gas, but when it is cooled at the temperature below 196 degrees, it turns into liquid, thus freezing the mixture of ice cream at fast speed. An interesting feature of freezing at high speed is that it develop small crystals in the ice cream making it more crispier and soft.

Is it possible to serve the liquid ice cream during personal parties? Interestingly, an answer to this question is Yes. As the process of making this ice cream is quite easier, you can ask the owner of ice cream parlor close to your place for visiting your place with all the necessary equipment and start serving the ice cream of different flavors to your guests according to their taste and requirements.

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Can the people suffering from the diabetes enjoy the taste of liquid nitrogen ice-cream? Once again, interestingly an answer to this question is also “YES”. It would be interested to know that as compared to conventional ice-cream, the liquid nitrogen ice-cream is not only suitable for patients of diabetes but also enriched with nutritional elements. Thus, it can be consumed by the people of all age groups without any health concern.

Why you should enjoy the taste of liquid nitrogen ice-cream? The answer to this question can be given in the following points:

Dense: Once the ice cream developed from the liquid nitrogen is served to the people, you will notice air bubbles and small molecules of ice appearing outside the cover of the bowl in which it is served. Moving ahead as soon as you start eating it, you will notice the original taste of all the ingredients developed for making it followed by the thickness.

Different look: One more interesting of nitrogen ice cream is that it looks totally different from its predecessors. This mainly due to its making procedure which is rapid and without much whipping, which makes it smooth and silky. This is noticed as soon as you take its first bite.

Fresh: This can be regarded as one of the highly acclaimed features of this ice-cream. Because, the ice-cream of previous years required almost ten to eleven hours in freezing, but it takes only a few minutes in making the ice cream with the help of liquid nitrogen. Thus, you are able to enjoy the taste of fresh ice cream developed in front of your eyes.

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Various flavors: One more interesting reason of enjoying the taste of this ice-cream is the availability of different flavors according to your preferences. Thus, you can enjoy the taste of colorful ice-cream in an ice-cream, which has an efficiency of grabbing the attention of a person standing in front of you.

Is it feasible to make the liquid nitrogen ice-cream at home? Well, an answer to this question is surprisingly “No”. Because , despite of being nutritional and easy to develop, making this ice cream at home is dangerous. This is mainly due to the presence of oxygen in nitrogen which could explode suddenly if not handled properly. The parlors offering this ice-cream have relevant equipment and makers having the expertise in making it with proper care. Therefore, making it at home can be hazardous for you, however, during any event, you can get it prepared and served to your guests by hiring the services of a parlor close to your home.

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