Learn about MBA programs in Canada

MBA programs in Canada

Pursuing a course in Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is the fastest way to climb the corporate career ladder. The course opens broad career prospects in diverse fields and multiplies the salary packages. The program is also beneficial for those who are aspiring to become an entrepreneur or business leader. The feature of MBA programs has made it one of the most preferred courses among fresh graduates or working professionals. Pursuing an MBA Program in Canada can add value to your resume.

Why in Canada?

Canada is an attraction to many students who wish to pursue higher studies abroad. Canada ranks in the top five most preferred countries around the world to go for further studies. The country’s booming economy has made it a most opted location for students to acquire an MBA degree. As Canada is home to students of different countries, backgrounds and cultures, an aspiring leader has an opportunity to grow on the global stage. It comprises many top-ranked business schools that provide a healthy environment to students for enhanced learning.

A few of the leading business schools in Canada even offer foundation courses in MBA programs for those students who do not meet the requirements for direct admission. There are three types of MBA foundation courses for those students who want to earn an MBA degree. These are:

  • MBA in Business and Academic Writing
  • MBA in Quantitative Skills for Business
  • MBA in Economics from a Business Perspective
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How much does it cost to study an MBA program in a Canadian business school?

Pursuing an MBA degree from a renowned business school just costs around $7,900 (tuition fees) for international students and $4,680 (tuition fees) for Canadian students. However, the domestic students also get a discount of 30 percent if they belong to Canadian Forces members or veterans.

What are the entry requirements for pursuing an MBA program in Canada?

An applicant can secure admission to a business school in Canada if they have:

  • Bachelors degree: A student is required to have an undergraduate degree from a recognized institution.
  • Score: A student must have scored a GPA (Grade Point Score) of 3.00 or more on a scale of 4.33.

Or, a student has:

  • Scored well in GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test).
  • Written the GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) in the past five years.
  • Have work experience of a minimum of three years in the relevant field.
  • Proficiency in the English language. Need to score well in TOEFL or IELTS examinations.

What statistics have to say about MBA business schools in Canada?

The data published by the QS World University Rankings in 2018 shows that Canada is home to seven of the 150 leading business schools in the world. A spike of over 90 percent was recorded in the number of students since 2008.

Securing admission to Canada’s business schools is difficult, but once you qualify for admission, the degree is worth millions of dollars. So, apply for the course now for a better future ahead.

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