How to Fulfill Med School Admission Requirements

Med School Admission

Becoming a doctor is what everybody of us dreams of during our school days.

But how can we turn that desire into action?

Well as most of us may not be aware of, the process of preparing for a medical degree must be integrated throughout your school life!

To advance your medical knowledge I suggest that you develop their soft skills such as empathy, cooperation, and communication, to begin with.

In this article, we will look at the list of medical school prerequisites that are more on the technical side.

  • High school diploma
    You need to complete your 12th standard from a recognized school or board, with a major in life sciences, preferably.
  • Undergraduate degree (3-4 years) in the field of Sciences
    This course should involve the study of various life processes in animals, plants, and organisms, incorporating both theoretical and practical knowledge,
  • Minimum undergraduate GPA score of 3.0
    By blending in various electives and skill-enhancement courses, you must aim for good marks in the Choice-Based Credit System of your respective college.
  • Good TOEFL language scores
    As a medical applicant, whose native language is not English, you must showcase proficiency in the English language, to meet the basic requirements.
  • Letters of recommendation
    Try to obtain at least 3 supportive letters of recommendation from academic tutors that should include accurate descriptions and specific examples of your abilities.
  • Extracurricular activities
    This may include any undergraduate research opportunity that you have been part of or any summer internships that you have completed.

 Do not forget to mention any research outreach activities that you have to participate in that was conducted in research labs.

  • MCAT exam qualification result
    The Medical College Admission test popularly known as MCAT is created by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).
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It is a multi-choice exam, whose scores are important during your medical university application.

Are there any extra requirements that you could meet?

You may also choose to complete an undergraduate or Bachelor’s degree in a relevant Science subject before applying to a medical school.

Caribbean med schools are more than happy to welcome students who fulfill additional requirements, for example, premedical courses, including: 

College Biology, Chemistry with laboratory

Have been inside a modern research infrastructure?

Gather all the information of the broad range of biochemical and biological techniques that you are proficient in.

Engaging in life sciences practice can let you overcome many challenges in the competitive markets of the medical industry.

During the last year as a medical candidate, you will be required to select a specialization for application to residency programs. 

Caribbean medical schools have a variety of medical courses in store for you.

Enroll on the program that is best suited to your interests and reach out to us for further guidance on the application process.

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