The Melodious Folk Music of Morocco

Every country is known for the different forms of art it has. From the day this earth came into existence, there are the traces of different empires and their art makes it possible for historians to keep their history alive. Art and culture are always recognized by the language and language are always kept alive by the folk lories and the folk songs of any culture. These songs keep the soul of any language alive that is the reason why every tribe and culture has different stories and the tales these tales and myth are always given the life by keeping them on the tongue of next generations. And the best way of doing this is to create the lyrics, poetry and the songs or other forms of arts such. Everything could be banished but the melodies will remain in the air roaming and passing themselves from one part of the world to another with the flow of music from one ear to another, slowly and strongly.

Music of Morocco

While we Talk about Morocco one thing which comes in our mind is the versatility of culture and the tradition. This versatility is the result of different ethnicities which are part of this country. We see Muslim culture, Christian Churchs and Chapels, Jews and African Culture as well because this country is in the center of most prominent cultures and society. This is the reason why the sound and the Music of this culture also holds the pain, relief, joy, and love of all cultures still the types of music is in it’s pretty and excluding form. Now let discuss the uttermost melodious forms of music we find in Morocco as these are part of Morocco tourist attractions as well.

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This form of music is the sheer classical music, as Raagas in the subcontinent, there was a Nuba for every time of the day in North Africa. This claims to be the part of all the classical and semiclassical music form in Morocco because this was the beginning of the proper classical music. Some forms of Nuba are still alive but others have been lost. There is 5 Mizan ad every Mizan can end up to 20 songs they call them Sana’a. From thousands of years, orchestras are performing this music in Spain and Arab. Here in Morocco Rabat, Fes and Tetouan still hold the sound of the beautiful music in them.

Instruments Used

• Rabab (fiddle)

• Oud (lute)

• Kamenjah (a violin-style instrument played vertically on the knee)

• Qanun (zither), darbuka (metal or pottery goblet drums)

• Tarija (tambourine).

The Melodious Folk Music of Morocco

Sufi Music

Most important part f Islamic history holds the birth of Sufi music as well. This form of music was discovered on the island as this was used to dance and please God. The form of decent dance included spinning and gaining the favour of saints of God. There is no specific instrument which is used in this form of music it’s the sound produced by the beat of the drum only.

Gnawa Music

This form of music is basically used as a sound by the slaves of Sahara which were brought to Arab. They claim to have a link with the first muezzin Of Islam, Hazrat Bilal. This music is used for spiritual and physical healing and the people of Morocco especially in the region of Sahara.

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Instruments Used

• Gimbri/sentir (long-necked lute)

• Garagb (metal castanets)


The pure music which was derived forms the musician of who wear jewels and perform the music in a very interesting and beautiful they consider it as their legacy. Basically, this art form is the musical play which is called Rwais. These singers are very special and they play this for custom and traditional celebrations.

Instruments used

• Rabab

• Lotars (lutes),

• Nakous (cymbals),

Andalous Music

This is the widest and the oldest art forms of Morocco. This art form is affiliated with the cultural and the tribal music which was sung in the forest by tribes from 1000 years in Moorish Spain. From there this melody has come to Morocco and become the part of Moroccan tradition as well. It is the invention of Ziryab who was inspired by the classical flute of Nuba. This music is performed by on the national TV as well.

The Melodious Folk Music of Morocco

Berber Music

The most listened music I morocco and the music which is utterly and truly the Morocco tourist attraction is Berber Music. The history of this music is reported that it was spread by the people who were settled in Northwestern Africa for years. They were used to be called Berbers and they were the traders of salt and gold and slaves from Sahara and in doing so they spread their culture everywhere they use3d to travel. This music was a part f their cultural history. There is no specific instrument which is involved in the making of the music but the drums and the hand clapping which produce the beautiful rhythm on which lyrics are sung.

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This form of music of where the poetry is sung in a beautiful way. These are portions of the lyrical poetry done by the cultural pots to express the emotions of different types. These lyrics are performed by the orchestra and the qasida has three parts: al aqsam consist of verses which are sung solo, al-harba in this part chorus refrains and al-drîdka in this last part chorus exceeds with accelerating tempo).

Instruments Used

• Oud,

• Kamenjah,

• Swisen

• Hadjouj

• Taarija,

• Darbuka

• Handwa


This form of music is a beautiful and deadly combination of Arba Andalusian music and the Nuba. This form of music could be heard in the centresof Rabad and Oujda. This music is derived for Algeria and still performed in Morocco.

The Melodious Folk Music of Morocco

Instruments Used

• Ouds

• Kamenjahs

• Banjo

• Mandolin

• Kwitra (Algerian Lute)

This melodious art form Of Morocco is another reason why it’s rich history is still remembered. These melodious voices and the instruments will make you sit back relax and enjoy their presence in the air. People from all around the world come in Morocco to listen to these forms of music in different music festivals. That is another reason why Morocco is the centre of tourist attraction.

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