How The New Luxury Projects In Gurugram Are Attracting More Buyers?

With the changing economic scenario and proposed real estate laws, preferences of both real estate developers and buyers have changed. Real estate buyers are becoming more demanding for better quality and services, whereas the developers are coming up with innovative real estate projects to keep up with the changing demands.

Real estate buyers are shifting from a conservative ‘value for money’ approach towards a flexible approach and are more prone to invest in luxury real estate. Till date, luxury projects were only targeted towards the high net worth individuals, but today the real estate market is witnessing a new trend which is known as the ‘Affordable Luxury’. This means even the middle class real estate buyers can fulfill their dreams of living in a luxury apartment. This means people can easily afford luxury homes in Gurugram and in other posh areas in NCR and other regions in India. However, attracting new buyers for luxury real estate projects is not easy. Therefore, developers have come up with innovative ways to attract new home buyers. Some of them are:

Building a Project Close to Where a Celebrity Lives

People would be more willing to invest in properties where a celebrity is living. This adds value to their property and their lifestyle as well. This means the developer can either persuade a celebrity to buy an apartment or villa in their luxury project or build a project close to where a celebrity is living and then advertise the project to attract new buyers.

Be On Social Media

You can hardly find a person, who is not on social media. Therefore, property developers are becoming proactive in promoting their projects on the various social media platforms. For instance, by highlighting the unique features of luxury real estate projects in Gurugram on social media, the developers can create excitement among people and attract attention. Developers are also roping in celebrities and other high-profile clients to endorse their project on social media. Social media helps in word-of-mouth marketing, so there are higher chances of attracting new buyers.

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Offering Schemes and Discounts

You may have come across a lot of real estate advertisements that say you can book an apartment for Rs. 1 or get a parking space for free or get certain amount of gold on investing. Developers are coming up innovative deals and discounts to woo the new age real estate buyers. The real estate developers take advantage of the festive seasons as well to persuade the buyers to invest in their properties.

Top Notch Service

Nothing matches top-class service; therefore developers are going an extra step ahead to offer s0ecialised services. A number of developers allow buyers to customize the interiors to match their specific taste and preferences. They are also keen on offering amenities and facilities that would make the lives of the home buyers easier.

The top developers in India are proactively working towards increasing the interest towards luxury projects and coming up with new and innovative ways to attract new home buyers.

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