Non Profit Merchant Solutions

Non Profit Merchant Solutions

Nonprofit organizations depend on transactions such as donations, fundraising and charitable sales. A full-service point of sale system such as Clover Station 2.0 can simplify payment processing and provide nonprofits with a suite of operational solutions and options for integrating many applications. Learn more about the benefits of non profit POS systems for every aspect of these organizations, from operations to documenting transactions for donors and nonprofits.

Accept More Donation Methods

Customers want to be able to conveniently make donations. Any nonprofit can benefit from being able to securely process transactions with payment cards and near field communication payment methods. Some organizations may benefit from having a countertop POS terminal in a brick-and-mortar location, such as the Clover Station, while portable solutions such as the Go or Flex may provide more functionality for accepting payments at events.

Nonprofits and charities are likely to get more donations when giving is a frictionless process that can take place anywhere at any time. Clover systems ship ready to accept cards with EMV chips and magstripes as well as NFC payments. In addition to providing receipts complete with tax information for charitable deductions, a next-generation POS system can also give users the option to provide their email address for updates on an organization’s mission.

Connect Donations To Transactions

Nonprofits can join programs that allow business partners to give money through transaction donations. These options make it easier for merchants and consumers to give a little while making purchases. Donations are secure and transparent, giving every party in these exchanges options for giving money where it matters most. Low processing rates enable more money to go toward organizations and causes.

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Businesses who want to give money to nonprofits can find easy ways to help customers give with every transaction. One of the most popular merchant solutions for donations allows retail and service businesses to select organizations or provide options to customers to give a little with every sale. Services allow for these donations to be securely processed and totaled to simplify the process of raising money through incidental donations.

Maintain Organization and Donor Records

Next-generation POS systems make it possible for organizations to voluntarily obtain contact information from donors. These systems can also meet an organization’s needs for sending updates, running promotions and seeking donor feedback. A POS system can replace a register, terminal and other systems in use for processing donations, building donor lists and even scheduling staff or volunteers.

Whether an organization prefers to use software built into Clover or integrate another nonprofit payment processing system or application, it is easy to access donation records for community-building and accounting purposes. Leaders of nonprofit organizations can access donation data in real time online through the Clover Dashboard.

A nonprofit organization can accept more payment types and easily maintain detailed documentation by using a POS system. It is also easier than ever before for merchants to offer customers the ability to make charitable donations through or alongside purchases. The many sizes and styles of nonprofit POS interfaces offer a variety of solutions for accepting donations anywhere.

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