Number of followers matter, but why?


Followers on Twitter in general are considered as the symbolism of relevance for a target group or audience. Whether to follow a brand or business entity in part depends upon the number of followers it holds. Though it’s not the right way to judge anyone’s presence or reach in particular, but still numbers influence users somewhere. This competitive spree is getting on almost everyone’s’ nerves and tactics such as buying twitter followers is being experimented by the businesses now. The desire for more has made it an obvious choice available. To understand why the number of twitter followers matter, here are few references which will highlight the reason of its relevance:

Quality is the key, maintain it

Quantity of followers matter but the quality of followers leaves a huge impact. Therefore, if you have a magnanimous score of followers, that’s not good enough. You got to have some engaging followers who are actually interested and willing to communicate and participate at any given point of time. Also, the compilation of both promises a strong foundation of growth to any business overall.

Develops your target base

Getting more people on board naturally gives it a propelling effect in gaining more interactions and gradually an expanded fan base. This expansion also helps in finding out the right ones to shortlist for the list of most probable customers. To make it worth engaging for others to follow, getting more numbers will only add up in building chances of winning more followers organically.

Builds sense of belongingness among users

To send an optimistic message to other possible interested users, existing number of followers matter, sometimes the number in itself is not as powerful as the followers themselves are. For instance, if a public figure or influential persona is following an entity, the rest would be eager to know more about the same and hence would prefer to follow as well. When the audience finds the existing followers relatable, they naturally form a sense of relativity with the brand or entity, which helps them select one over the rest.

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Heightens public reputation

Few numbers of followers can uplift the brand value and repute in public. It might not be considered as the sole reason of any brand image to improve but still general perception is more likely to follow the usual pattern and those patterns states more inclination of followers is towards the already liked entities. Having few hundred thousand followers isn’t a good score for many but when it’s about choosing between ten thousand and hundred thousand, most would opt for the latter one. That’s how the numbers matter; they can contribute in building your stature even further with ease.

Engagements accelerate eventually

Since the followers are improving with every tweet, the reach will grow and fetch fresh interactions and engagement of tweets will keep on boosting up with new participants coming in. The purpose is to keep on improving the visibility and impact of a brand, which only good engagement rate can help in achieving at a quick rate. Group discussions and public forums are also more inclined towards promoting the most engaged content and that’s how it keeps on pumping up number of shares across the network.

These factors reflect how influential numbers can be for a brand or business, in terms of promotions or establishment of a start-up in a long run. The only concern here is to know the right way for your business to move upwards toward achieving the long list of followers. It can be fruitful experience if chosen prudently.

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