Why Online Coaching Is Better Than Offline For SSC CGL Examination?

Why Online Coaching Is Better Than Offline For SSC CGL Examination?

If you are quick learner, you can go for two types of coaching for SSC CGL examination that is online as well as classroom learning. But we have more benefits of Online Coaching, when compared to offline coaching. Because Online Coaching opens up the world for you and in offline coaching, you are surrounded in limitation.

Here are few reasons why you should join an online coaching.

  1. The most important and most preferable one is, you can study from home. You do not need to go anywhere. When it comes to offline coaching, you have to travel every day or you might have to go to another city based on the best institutions so there is addition of residence expense with your offline coaching fee.

  2. The second benefit is Online Coaching is much cheaper than Offline Coaching.

  3. Once you start learning through any Online Coaching Institute, you can study whenever you want and can carry your gadget wherever and start studying. But in offline coaching, you will be given time and spot, which you have to follow a Class Time Table.

When it comes to online coaching, you can replay your tutorials or Lecture ten times or sometimes more for the better understanding of the Videos. But in case of offline coaching, the same thing does not happen. And also if you miss your classes they will be no one to assist you in explaining it again. By looking at SSC previous papers you will have a idea about questions and pattern.

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Why is online coaching good for SSC CGL Exam Preparation?

Online coaching generally provides you live doubt solving classes. Many online coaching institutes will provide this facility. This feature which is making study easy has become a trend or it’s a unique way of studying. For SSC CGL preparation, there are three types of preparation mode for the convenience of aspirants. The following points will describe why you should go for Online Premium Coaching.

Any SSC coaching online provides you three types of coaching classes according to your convenience. Every online coaching center will have a price according to them. You can select any one of the below.

  • Basic (3 Months Duration)

  • Pro (6 Months Duration)

  • Advanced (12th Months Duration)

Aspirants need different time periods for preparation based on their skills. As your need, you can choose anyone. There are so many online institutes to prepare by looking at SSC exam pattern; you have to choose it by your convenience.

What will you get in SSC CGL online coaching?

Here are the features of Premium Online Coaching as shown below. The below section will help you in making the decision to join the classes quickly.

  1. VIDEOS (300+ videos created by India’s best teachers)

  2. PRACTICE (600+ topic wise practice tests)

  3. TEST SERIES (200+ mock tests and 100+ sectional tests)

  4. PREV PAPERS (100+ previous year papers)


  • Basic- (25+ live doubt solving classes)

  • Pro- (50+ live doubt solving classes)

  • Advanced- (100+ live doubt solving classes

The above study materials will be provided through online coaching. If you are up to join any online coaching then you will not only get prepared for SSC CGL but you also get a chance to learn other subjects. The study material is prepared in such a way that a student can get the maximum marks. Once you think you are prepared enough, then you can test yourself through online test series for SSC CGL 2017.

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